With f(x) being the latest K-pop girl group to have an MV to hit 100 million views, we take a look at all the K-pop girl group MVs that have managed to hit that milestone!
17 Oct 2016 - 3:30 PM  UPDATED 17 Oct 2016 - 3:32 PM

With f(x)'s "Electric Shock" MV recently passing the 100 million view mark on YouTube, this makes them only the third K-pop girl group (after Girls' Generation and 2NE1) to have an MV to hit that threshold.

To mark such an impressive achievement, let's take a look at all the K-pop girl group MVs that have managed to hit the 100 million view milestone.

6. f(x)'s "Electric Shock" - 100 million views

The latest entry onto this short and illustrious list, it took "Electric Shock" approximately 4 years to hit the 100 million mark.

5. Girls' Generation's "Mr Taxi" - 120 million views

The first of the group's four MVs to hit the 100 million view mark, "Mr Taxi's" achievement is made all the more impressive by the fact that it is the "dance only" version of the video.

4. Girls' Generation's "The Boys" - 149 million views

"The Boys" is notable for not only being the song that really pushed Girls' Generation's sound to new areas, it was the song that helped propel the group to an international audience. 

3. 2NE1's "I Am The Best" - 163 million views

2NE1 are the second group after Girls' Generation to have an MV hit the 100 million view mark, and despite being on hiatus since 2015, their popularity still holds strong everywhere. 

2. Girls' Generation's "Gee" - 170 million views

The song that introduced Girls' Generation to the masses and essentially set the template for future K-pop girl groups to come, it's no surprise that "Gee" is among the most-watched K-pop MVs ever! 

1. Girls' Generation's "I Got A Boy" - 174 million views

And finally, the most K-pop girl group MV is Girls' Generation's "I Got A Boy". In fact, the song was such a massive hit when it was released in 2012, it held the record for being the fastest K-pop group MV to hit 10 million views for over three years (until it was recently been broken by BTS' "Blood, Sweat, & Tears).

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