Fueled up on Doritos and Mountain Dew, VIXX and Monsta X go head to head in Blizzard's hit online multiplayer shooter "Overwatch"!
18 Oct 2016 - 4:58 PM  UPDATED 18 Oct 2016 - 4:58 PM

When K-pop stars are not dancing and singing, they like to spend their downtime on simple things, such as video games. For Monsta X' Minhyuk, Kihun and I.M, and VIXX's Hyuk and Hongbin (and apparently many other idols), their game of choice is Blizzard's hit online multiplayer shooter "Overwatch", so much so that the two groups decided to go head-to-head in a game for a program!

Recently, the two groups appeared on Mobidic's "JungDaeMan" program for a an intense game of "Overwatch". Fueled by Doritos and Mountain Dew, everyone settled down for some shooting/ninja star throwing/hooking, with I.M and Hongbin going up against each other first. Without spoiling anything, it is quickly clear that one player is notably better than the other! 

Check out the VIXX vs. Monsta X "Overwatch" battle right here (match between Hyuk and I.M starts at the 9:40 mark):

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