Donning a dress, a wig, and his best beauty queen impression, Taiwanese superstar Show Lo releases a hilarious MV for his comedic new track "What's Wrong!".
19 Oct 2016 - 3:44 PM  UPDATED 19 Oct 2016 - 3:46 PM

Well this is certainly unexpected!

Just recently, Taiwanese superstar Show Lo released a new MV and song through his YouTube channel - and it is completely not what we expected at all!

Titled "What's Wrong!", the MV sees the singer don a dress, a wig, and his best beauty queen impression in portraying the video's female protagonist "Beauty Lo". It goes without saying that the video is stuffed with enough goofy shenanigans and silly dances to give Psy a run for his money. As for the song, it is a high-tempo electronica-influenced rap track that is just as funny and entertaining as the MV.

Check out Beauty Lo's shenanigans in the "What's Wrong!" MV right here:

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