How do you choose what to dress up as for Halloween? Do you go sexy or scary?
Dan. A.K.A Dankmilk

20 Oct 2016 - 1:33 PM  UPDATED 21 Nov 2016 - 10:26 AM

The Dank Mind of Milk is here to help you figure out what to wear for Halloween...

It’s Tuesday night - 10:58 pm - friend Sara came over to pick up some stuff she left here awhile ago, to hang out for the night and to get some advice on a costume for Halloween. Dokken is playing on Spotify (They’re a cheesy-but-amazing rock band from the 80’s) and there’s a pinch of October darkness in the air as Nightmare on Elm St plays on my TV…

Sara's costume requests:

 - She wants something simple

 - Something comfortable

 - Can wear all night while dancing/partying

 - Not too difficult to put on.

 - Can be ruined/doesn’t cost too much

 - Isn’t one of my cosplay costumes - see point above

And so here it was. Our mission. Lets just say that tonight has been...Interesting.

 I have 2 words for you: Sexy Harambe.

And you thought clowns were scary!

Let me make it clear that Sara didn’t pick this costume. I have no idea why? It was amazing. So many sexy versions of things that I have never considered to be sexy before. And all for the low price of $60!!! This costume ticked all the boxes.

Sexy costumes (plus other awesome concepts) are included in this week’s podcast which you can listen to below #ShamelssPodcastPlug

Let’s be honest here though. There's definitely room for sexy Halloween costumes in this crazy world. Halloween is a great time to explore some of your innermost fantasies. Sexy Halloween costumes - or Halloween costumes that depict unique careers or occupations - are always favourite costumes to try.

Quick tip: When thinking about a costume to wear, ask yourself some questions:

 - What are your passions? Choosing a great Halloween costume may be as simple as taking a long, hard look at what you love.

 - Do you have a favourite video game? Then perhaps considering a costume based on the game you spend hours with would be an appropriate idea.

 - Have you been binge-watching television this year? Some of the most amazing Halloween costumes are inspired by top TV shows.

 - Action packed, hilarious and awe-inspiring blockbuster movies of the past year are also an excellent source of costume inspiration. 

 - If all else fails just...LEFT SHARK (don’t forget the sandals)!


Surviving the Halloween costuming experience, particularly for a new costumer, can be a tough gig. So I'm going to lay some handy hints on ya in a list this week!

5 ways to slay the Halloween game.

Stay tuned.