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With so many popular K-pop music videos that have come out in the past few years, we've decided to take a look at the 25 most-viewed MVs of all time (so far)!
20 Oct 2016 - 3:22 PM  UPDATED 20 Oct 2016 - 3:22 PM

Beyond the singing and dancing, one of the biggest drawcards of K-pop are the imaginative and colour MVs that are released. 

With so many videos released every year - some great, some not so great - we've decided to go through the library of K-pop MVs and find out what are the 25 most-viewed music videos of all-time (so far)!

Just to make it fair, for multiple MVs for the same song, we will only take the most viewed one! 

25. G-Dragon - "Crooked" - 91 million 

"Crooked" is one of G-Dragon's more recent solo releases - and one of his most popular!

24. HyunA - "Ice Cream" - 92 million views

Released just after "Gangnam Style" hit, there was little doubt that "Ice Cream" was going to be anything less than a massive success!

23. TWICE - "Like Ooh-Ahh" - 95 million views

"Like Ooh-Ahh" was TWICE's debut single, and it was a massive hit right out of the gate!

22. BIGBANG - "Bad Boy" - 97 million views

The "Bad Boy" MV might have been overshadowed by the "Fantastic Baby" MV, but it still managed to rake in a whopping 97 million views!

21. Girls' Generation - "Oh" - 98 million views

The first of many entries to come, "Oh" is one of Girls' Generation's most popular songs and is oh so close to the big 100 million mark!

20. BTS - "Dope" - 98 million views

With BTS being the hottest thing in K-pop at the moment, expect "Dope" to break the 100 million mark any day now!

19. f(x) - "Electric Shock" - 100 million views

The most recent K-pop MV to hit the 100 million mark, this makes f(x) only the third female K-pop group to have a video hit that milestone!

18. EXO - "Call Me Baby" - 109 million views

Featuring nothing more than EXO dancing, this video highlights just how popular the group are!

17. BIGBANG - "Loser" - 112 million views

While BIGBANG are known for their excessive and bombastic MVs, "Loser" successfully taps into the melancholy side of the group with an ambitious video that features five interweaving storylines.

16. EXO - "Growl" - 114 million views

If you look carefully, Kai actually drops his hat while performing the choreography (though he recovers very well)!

15. Super Junior - "Mr. Simple" - 115 million views

"Mr. Simple" shows that you can keep things simple and still have a hit MV!

14. EXO - "Overdose" - 117 million views

"Overdose" proves that all EXO needs for a hit MV is a room with enough space to dance around in! 

13. HyunA - "Bubble Pop" - 117 million views

"Bubble Pop's" popularity made HyunA the first female K-pop solo singer to hit the 100 million mark!

12. Girls' Generation's "Mr Taxi" - 120 million views

Seems like the Japanese version of "Mr Taxi" was the most popular one released!

11. G-Dragon & Taeyang - "Good Boy" - 124 million views

Perhaps the most popular song released by the BIGBANG duo! 

10. Girls' Generation - "The Boys" - 149 million views

Not only did "The Boys" push Girls' Generation's sound to new areas, it was the song that helped propel the group to an international audience. 

9. 2NE1 - "I Am The Best" - 163 million views

One of the most popular K-pop videos in recent memory, this song really cemented 2NE1's status as one of K-pop's elite groups.

8. Girls' Generation - "Gee" - 170 million views

Given that "Gee" is one of the most influential K-pop songs ever, it's not too surprising to see it rank so high!

7. Girls' Generation - "I Got A Boy" - 174 million views

"I Got A Boy" is one of Girls' Generation's most popular songs - and their most viewed MV (so far)!

6. BIGBANG - "Bang Bang Bang" - 180 million views

One of BIGBANG's more recent videos, fans absolutely loved the MVs bombastic excess (and its now iconic dance moves).

5. Psy - "Daddy" - 202 million views

As you may expect, the next few spots are mostly occupied by a certain "gentleman", starting with one of his more recent MVs - "Daddy".

4. BIGBANG - "Fantastic Baby" - 254 million views

BIGBANG were popular before, but "Fantastic Baby" was the song that really propelled the group to international stardom.

3. Psy - "Hangover" - 273 million views

This the odd-but-fitting "Hangover" collaboration with Snoop Dogg shouldn't have worked as well as it did, but this unlikely pair somehow manages to bring something interesting to the table!

2. Psy - "Gentleman" - 997 million views

How does one follow-up the phenomenon that was "Gangnam Style"? With a similarly goofy - and popular - MV for "Gentleman"! 

Speaking of "Gangnam Style"...

1. Psy - "Gangnam Style" - 2.7 billion views

Was there any doubt as to what was (and probably will forever be) No.1? At over 2.6 billion views (and STILL counting), "Gangnam Style" will probably be the most K-pop MV - and YouTube video - for quite some time yet!

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