With Halloween coming up next week, we've decided to take a look at a few K-pop Halloween dance videos to prep you for the upcoming spooky holiday!
25 Oct 2016 - 1:56 PM  UPDATED 25 Oct 2016 - 1:57 PM

With Halloween just around the corner, there's still time to get ready for the year's spookfest! So to get you all prepped for all the trick or treating that's bound to happen next week, here are six (or so) Halloween-themed K-pop dance (or dance related) videos that will give you some laughs and some costume ideas for 2016's scare and sweets-filled holiday!

6. BESTie get all happy-go-lucky in masks for "Love Options" dance practice

All thoughts of proper dancing go out the window once BESTie don some goofy Halloween masks! 

5. Monsta X are all Dracula in special "Hero" dance video

Probably one of the few times where we will accept Dracula as a "Hero"! 

4. Super Junior's Heechul gets into a dancing game (while dressed as Anna from "Frozen")

Not sure which is funnier, Heechul dancing like a goofball while dressed as Anna from "Frozen", or the "Winnie The Pooh" onesie-wearing Red Velvet member playing on the phone whilst seemingly oblivious to Heechul's antics! 

3. Teen Top whip out the Halloween decorations (and antics) for "Lovefool"

Teen Top show just how we're meant to celebrate Halloween - lots of messing around, some dancing, and a Halloween decorations!

2. Red Velvet rock some Winnie The Pooh onesies

What's better than Red Velvet dancing around like goofballs? Red Velvet dancing around like goofballs while wearing some Winnie The Pooh onesies! 

1. BTS get dressed up for "War Of Hormone"

"War Of Hormone" is much more entertaining when you have Dracula, the Joker, whatever Jungkook is dressed up as, Captain Jack Sparrow, Chucky, Charlie Chaplin, and a prisoner as the dancers!


Mamamoo dress up and goof around

With Wheein rocking a Hermione costume (complete with a wand), Hwasa as Harley Quinn, Solar as a nun, and Moonbyul as ... we're not entirely sure, Mamamoo get up to no good! 

GOT7 (except Yugyeom) dress up as Marvel superheroes

In case you were wondering, Jinyoung is Iron Man, Youngjae is Hulk, BamBam is Captain America, JB is Nick Fury (crutch and all), Mark is Spider-man, Jackson is Thor (because of course he is), and Yugyeom is, uh, Yugyeom! 

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