In a new interview, Jiyoon opens up about 4Minute's disbandment and everyone's feelings about it, as well as plans for her solo debut.
27 Oct 2016 - 1:17 PM  UPDATED 27 Oct 2016 - 1:17 PM

It was a sad day when 4Minute announced their disbandment, and aside from HyunA, not much has been said about the topic by any of the group's members - until now.

Just recently, Jiyoon sat down for an interview in which the topic of 4Minute's disbandment inevitably came up. Despite speculation that there was discord between group members, Jiyoon revealed that everyone respected each other's wishes and that every member was heartbroken at the decision to break-up - particularly herself:

"I had thoughts that we may break up, now that it actually happened, my heart hurts. I can confidently say that 4Minute was a team without discord, rumours, and gossip. When it can time to renew our contracts, I discussed it with the members for a long time, and we were worried about our own paths. Even till the end we weren’t thinking about disbanding, but as we respected each other’s opinions, we became the way we are now. I felt so sorry to all the fans who were taken aback, and all the members were heartbroken. I'm only able to stand her like this now thanks to 4Minute. 4Minute established the skeleton of my experience, and now I have to be the one to stick the meat on the bones."

Moving on from 4Minute to her solo debut, Jiyoon talked about two new solo songs "I Do It" and "Magnet", both of which she wrote and produced, and said that the songs will be of a new genre she hasn't done before. As for when we can expect Jiyoon's solo debut, she recently revealed a teaser image with the date November 2:

Are you excited about Jiyoon's solo debut? 

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