Love video games? Want to know what's the next big thing in gaming? Well you're in luck because SBS PopAsia have some very special passes to PAX Australia 2016 to give away!
31 Oct 2016 - 4:43 PM  UPDATED 31 Oct 2016 - 4:43 PM

Do you love video games? Ever wanted to try a sneak preview of some hot upcoming game? Want to test out the latest gaming gizmos and gadgets? Well you're in luck because SBS PopAsia have something special for all video game enthusiasts!

The popular PAX Australia event will be held once again this year at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on November 4-6, but unfortunately, tickets are all sold out. HOWEVER, there is still a chance that you can attend because SBS PopAsia will be giving out eight three-day passes to PAX Australia 2016!

And what makes these passes so special? Well, not only will these passes grant you access over the three-day duration of the event, these passes are not available anywhere to the public - that's right, you can ONLY get them through SBS PopAsia! 

What to expect at PAX Australia 2016

There are loads of events, showcases, festivals, and shenanigans planned for this year's event, including:

Saturday Night Concerts: Duet Live, 7Bit Hero and Axis of Awesome - PAX Australia’s Saturday night concert features Melbourne electronic musician Tim Shiel bringing his award-winning Duet game soundtrack to life at PAX for the first time. Control the big screen gaming action while 7Bit Hero supply the soundtrack, and then rock out when award winning Australian comedy rock band, Axis of Awesome, take the stage

The Second Annual PAX Aus Food Fight - The first annual Food Fight was the talk of PAX Australia 2015, with hundreds of attendees asking "sorry, what is this actually?" and "no, seriously, what?" Now it's back, and it's foodier and fightier than EVER. Watch as your favourite gaming identities cook their favourite gaming snacks live on stage.

Crowd Funding 101: How to Kickstart Your Ideas - Crowd funding is currently the Holy Grail for start-ups. Stop by the panel and pick the brains of people who have already fought the mighty crowd funding beast and won.

The Influence of Influencers - Ever dreamed about being a famous Twitch streamer? Join a panel of key players and streamers as they pull back the curtain to discuss just what it means to be an ‘Influencer’.

Game Development Explained With Sock Puppets - This panel is exactly what it says it is, a stage show explaining what your favourite creatives are doing to make games, in the form of sock puppet theatre.

The Great Debate: Is VR Better Than Real Life? - With 2016 boldly declared "The Year of VR", do we really have any reason to leave our homes anymore? Two teams of comedians, game developers and journalists are thrown into a PAX Aus Battle Royale to determine the truth - Is VR better than real life?

How To Win:

It is very simple!

  • Simply tune in to #HashtagHits every night at 6PM on SBS PopAsia or the SBS PopAsia app, and call in at 1300 799 POP (767) when prompted by our host Natalie Tran!

If you want some more info on what's going on, and who will be there at PAX Australia 2016, visit their website, or follow PAX Australia updates on their official Twitter and Facebook!

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