Following viewer complaints that BTS' October 28 win on "Music Bank" was incorrectly awarded, the music show replied by revealing how the results were calculated.
1 Nov 2016 - 11:11 AM  UPDATED 1 Nov 2016 - 11:11 AM

BTS took home their sixth music show award for "Blood, Sweat, & Tears" on the October 28 episode of "Music Bank", however, there was some controversy regarding the final result. 

Some viewers have requested that "Music Bank" release the full result calculations as some have suspected that there may have been a mistake in the calculation of the final results, and the No.1 trophy should have actually been awarded to I.O.I instead of BTS. 

Following this request, "Music Bank" complied and revealed the numbers for the October 28 show, showing that BTS had in fact been the correct winner. To help explain how the final result was calculated a points percentage breakdown was also provided by the show.

"Music Bank" Point Breakdown

Digital: 65% of total, 130,000 possible points (online 117,000 + mobile 13,000)

Album sales: 5% of total, 10,000 points

Broadcast appearances: 20% of total, 40,000 points (TV 34,000 + radio 6,000)

Viewer voting: 10% of total, 20,000 points


For the October 28 episode of "Music Bank


Digital: 2,535.4 (online) + 138.1 (mobile) = 2,673.5

Album sales: 89,308 sales (41.52 percent share) = 4,152

Broadcast appearances: 685.88 (TV) + 59.52 (radio) = 745.4

Viewer voting: 284/6,987 votes = 4.1 percent = 813

Total: 8,384 points



Digital: 4,338 (online) + 503 (mobile) = 4,844

Album sales: 50,433 sales (23.45 percent share) = 2,345

Broadcast appearances: 588 (TV) + 83 (radio) = 671

Viewer voting: Not included because the song was released the previous week.

Total: 7,860


"Music Bank" also stated that each music show chart is different, thus the calculation of the final results will differ between shows. 

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