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With so many great debut MVs from in recent years, we've decided to take a look at 13 of the most-watched debut videos from K-pop girl groups!
3 Nov 2016 - 2:54 PM  UPDATED 3 Nov 2016 - 2:54 PM

With Black Pink making a massive splash upon their debut this August (and again with their recent comeback), we've decided to take a trip down memory lane and take a look at some of the most popular K-pop girl group debut MVs!

From TWICE and Black Pink to 2NE1 and Girls' Generation, here are the 13 most watched K-pop girl group debut MVs (so far!).

13. CLC - Pepe - 7 million views

After initially gaining attention for their non-profit performances for children with disabilities, CLC's highly-anticipated debut was met much quite the reception! 

12. EXID - Whoz That Girl - 7.6 million views

EXID finally hit it big with when "Up & Down" picked up steam, but everything began two years prior to that when the group debuted with "Whoz That Girl", which featured a number of members who have since left the group.

11. Rania - Dr Feelgood - 9.5 million views

Rania has had members come and go far too frequently in the past few years, but their "Dr Feelgood" MV is a reminder that the group were something special - when members aren't leaving left and right!

10. f(x) - La Cha Ta - 12 million views

Hard to believe that f(x) debuted seven years ago, but their "La Cha Ta" MV still holds up and offers up a great glimpse into how far the girls have come since!

9. Girls' Generation - Into The New World - 16.7 million views

Before they became the all-conquering force of K-pop today, Girls' Generation started off with their aptly-named "Into The New World" MV, which set the stage for everything to come!

8. I.O.I - Dream Girls - 17.4 million views

Although "Crush" was their debut single, it was "Dream Girls" where I.O.I had their first MV - and it was awesome!

7. G-Friend - Glass Bead - 18.6 million views

G-Friend have had a meteoric rise since their debut last year - and it all began with their "Glass Bead" MV!

6. 4Minute - Hot Issue - 22.1 million views

With 4Minute's break-up still fresh in our minds, let's flashback to a happier time when "Hot Issue" was the hottest thing around!

5. Miss A - Bad Girl, Good Girl - 37.4 million views

Still not sure if they're bad or good, but regardless, Miss A's debut was massive! Hopefully they will come back soon! 

4. Red Velvet - Happiness - 38.8 million views

Red Velvet definite brought some "Happiness" to the table with their debut!

3. 2NE1 - FIRE - 44.1 million views

It definitely goes without saying that 2NE1 were on "Fire" from the moment they debuted! Fingers crossed for a comeback very soon!

= 2. Black Pink - Whistle - 48.5 million views

We're bending the rules a bit since Black Pink released two debut MVs at exactly the same time! First up is "Whistle" with an astonishing 48.5 million views (and counting), and yet it isn't even their most popular video...

= 2. Black Pink - Boombayah - 58.4 million views

Out of their two debut MVs, it definitely looks like "Boombayah" got a bigger share of the attention!

1. TWICE - Like Ooh Ahh - 97.7 million views

It's only a matter of time until "Like Ooh Ahh" hits the 100 million view mark!

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