BLACK PINK and VIXX's comeback, SEVENTEEN's surprise and all the hottest K-Pop goss you may have missed this week!
4 Nov 2016 - 11:40 AM  UPDATED 4 Nov 2016 - 1:44 PM

BLACK PINK are back

BLACK PINK are back with their much anticipated second digital single “SQUARE TWO," which was released just three months after their breakthrough debut “SQUARE ONE.

The track list comprises of two title tracks; “PLAYING WITH FIRE” and “STAY." The third track is an acoustic version of “WHISTLE.

The girls did a double MV drop at midnight on Monday, for both title tracks. All three tracks were written by resident producer TEDDY, who also contributed to the lyrics.

PLAYING WITH FIRE” features a strong drum beat, with a main rhythmical piano pattern, as well as a distinctive synth sound.

STAY” has more of a country-pop sound, focusing on the lyrical guitar riffs and strings to help emphasise sad emotions.

BLACK PINK variety show appearance

BLACK PINK have also been confirmed to make their very first variety show appearance, through MBC Every1’s Weekly Idol. Filming took place November 1 and the episode will air sometime in mid-November.

Gary leaves Running Man

Long-time member of Running Man, rapper KANG GARY has left the show. After six years establishing himself on the variety show - also becoming one half of our much loved “Monday Couple” - Gary informed Running Man's production team that he wished to leave the show because he wanted to focus on music, and to study more.

The last episode featuring Gary was aired October 31 *sobs*.

Gary thanked everyone through his personal Instagram account, writing both a Korean and English message. Here is the English message below:

“Hello everyone this is Gary,
First of all, I regret to say that I am truly sorry to announce the sudden news. I am sincerely grateful and thankful for all the attention and love I have received throughout the 7 years. I deeply apologize with all my heart, and I promise I will do my best wherever and whatever I pursue in the future especially for all my fans that have given me these memorable moments that I will never forget. I also want to thank those who have supported me with my decision.
Again, I am sorry and again, thank you!
Lastly, please continue to support 'Running man' and the cast for all the hard work and effort they put in each week to make the best of 'Running man'
Thank you!
With much love,
Kang Gary”

Best wishes to Gary in the future.

SEVENTEEN's surprise

SEVENTEEN surprised us this week by announcing that their hip-hop team, comprising of members WONWOO, VERNON, S-COUPS and MINGYU, will be releasing their first mixtape.

Their mixtape, “CHECK-IN” and the accompanying music video dropped just 24 hours after the announcement was made, surprising fans even more.

VIXX's comeback

VIXX are back with their third mini album “KRATOS.” This will be the third and final installment to their “VIXX 2016 Conception Trilogy.

The music video for title track, “THE CLOSER” doesn’t disappoint and shows us truly why the boys are the princes of dark concepts.

THE CLOSER” differs from their previous songs, opting for a more sensual, R&B track. Member RAVI also contributes a lot to the mini-album, as well as fellow members LEO and N.

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