In a new interview, Black Pink reveal their wish to perform on more music shows, their hopes of winning the end-of-year rookie award, and comparisons to their YG seniors 2NE1.
3 Nov 2016 - 12:16 PM  UPDATED 3 Nov 2016 - 12:16 PM

Black Pink made their highly-anticipated comeback a couple of days ago with their "Playing With Fire" and "Stay" MVs, it it goes without saying that the reception has been incredible so far. Given that they're among 2016's most impressive rookie groups, hopes are high that the group win a rookie award in the end-of-the-year award ceremonies - particularly from girls themselves.

In a new interview, Black Pink were asked about their expectations for the upcoming award ceremonies, to which the girls replied that they have their hopes set on an award and how winning the award could mean more chances to communicate more with fans:

“Honestly, it would be a lie if we said we weren’t hoping for a rookie award. If we were to really get the rookie award, it would be amazing. We have a lot of fans who are watching us so we want to have a chance to communicate more with them. We want to meet our fans more and go on more music broadcasts.”

Ever since the rookie group's debut in August, comparisons were drawn between Black Pink and their label seniors 2NE1, and the topic was once again brought up in the interview. Rather than shy away from the comparisons, Black Pink revealed that while they look up to 2NE1 for their charisma, stage presence, and how they represented YG, they also want to establish their own image and to represent YG in their own, unique way:

"We don't purposely try to be different from 2NE1. It's actually a big part of us that we're compared to 2NE1. We don't want to show a different color than them because we believe they portrayed the color of YG. We also want to show YG's color in our own, unique way. We think it's good for us to follow them as much as we can. When you see their performance, 2NE1 are sunbae with overflowing charisma. We want to be shown like that on stage too."

With the girls scheduled to make their live comeback stage this week, we're looking forward to see how Black Pink have progressed since their debut, and we have our fingers crossed for some awards success at the end of the year!

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