TWICE show off some behind-the-scenes magic in a new making-of video for their massively successful "TT" MV!
3 Nov 2016 - 10:34 AM  UPDATED 3 Nov 2016 - 10:34 AM

TWICE's recently-released "TT" MV has been nothing short of a huge success, with viewership records everywhere tumbling and accolades coming in from all directions. In a newly released behind-the-scenes video, the girls pull the curtains back on just how their hit MV came to be!

Between various goofy shenanigans between the members (and some dabbing from Chaeyoung), a lot of work went into the making of the "TT" MV, including countless costume and set changes, a heap of dancing in front of blue-screens, and if you're Momo, being suspended from the roof by wires.

Check out the "TT" making-of video right here and get a glimpse of how TWICE's hit MV came together!

As for what we thought of the final product, check out Andy Trieu and Natalie Tran's reaction to the "TT" MV right here:

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