Following an intense promotional cycle, G-Friend will take a much-needed break until early 2017.
7 Nov 2016 - 2:39 PM  UPDATED 7 Nov 2016 - 2:39 PM

Starting with the release of "Rough" at the start of the year and the release of "Navillera" in July, G-Friend have seen their popularity escalate, winning countless music show awards and making numerous appearances on variety shows, and even having their own reality series with Mamamoo on "Showtime". It goes without saying that the group have worked hard this year, and it appears that the girls are finally getting a well-deserved break.

According to a new statement from Source Music, G-Friend will finish up their current promotional schedule before going on a break for the rest of the year:

"There is no plan for a new album, and we're just taking care of the schedules that were previously planned, enabling the members to get as much rest as possible."

This break comes at a good time, with member Umji being forced to go on hiatus last month due to a leg injury and SinB collapsing on-stage mid-performance just last week. Thankfully, Umji recently gave fans a positive update on her condition, and SinB is on the mend following her collapse:

"While she was taking part in a performance schedule, SinB was moved to the hospital after collapsing onstage with sudden dizziness. But fortunately no significant conditions were discovered and she has since recovered to normal health."

As for when fans can expect to see G-Friend again, Source stated that the girls will be on break until the end of the year, with a tentative plan for a new album at the start of 2017:

"[Source] worked really hard till now, such as by preparing for succeeding albums as [Source] carried out our TV appearances. [Source] often hears that the fans who love GFRIEND have lots of concerns for them, and [Source] plan on letting them take a sufficient break, then take part in year-end awards ceremonies, and [Source] thinks we'll officially meet the fans again with a new album early next year."

Rest up well, G-Friend! You've worked hard this year, and we'll look forward to seeing you next year!

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