With the release of B.A.P's new 10-minute long "Skydive" MV, we take a look at some of K-pop's longest MVs!
8 Nov 2016 - 2:19 PM  UPDATED 8 Nov 2016 - 2:22 PM

Music videos are a way to provide a visual representation to a song, and these generally run for the duration of the song. For some ambitious artists though, a mere three to four minutes isn't enough to visually tell a song's story, and there have been some MVs released that are more akin to a short film than a simple music video.

From T-ara and IU to B.A.P's newest MV, here are seven of K-pop's longest MVs.

7. B.A.P - Skydive - 10:04

The newest entry to the list of short film-length MVs, B.A.P's "Skydive" MV is a 10 minute rollercoaster filled with action, gun fights, and a heavy gangster theme. Tragic and intense, this is probably one of the most ambitious things B.A.P have done - and is certainly their most impressive. 

6. Ga In - Irreversible - 10:52

A unique song that combines tango with dance-pop, "Irreversible" tells the story of a relationship between a man and a girl that's slowly breaking down. The story, combined with the unique blend of musical genres, made the song perfect for the epic MV length treatment! 

5. SPEED - It's Over - 14:30

Perhaps one of the most beautifully produced MVs in recent memory, SPEED's "It's Over" MV is essentially a high-budget period drama short film that depicts the Gwangju Uprising of 1980. Beautiful, tragic, and intense in equal measures, this MV definitely ranks up there as one of SPEED's finest accomplishments.

4. TVXQ - Before U Go - 16:01

Featuring a story-line about morally-conflicted police officers, and starring the members of TVXQ, as well as a number of well-known actors such as Choi Jong-yoon and Go Ara, the "Before U Go" MV packs all the drama of a TV series into a 16 minute visual marvel.

3. SG Wannabe - Arirang - 22:11

Given that "Arirang" shares the same name as a Korean folk song that is considered to be South Korea's unofficial anthem, it only made sense for SG Wannabe to make an epic 22 minute period drama in order to capture their song's power!

2. IU - Every End Of The Day - 26:54 

While there are countless MVs that depict love stories, IU puts a new spin on it by having the MV for "Every End Of The Day" take on the form of a 26-minute long documentary film. Featuring interviews and footage of her trip to Venice, the "Every End Of The Day" MV is as romantic as it is beautiful, and it is definitely one of the best things IU has ever done (so far)! 

1. Any of T-ara's MVs

We bent the rules a bit for T-ara since they tend to release some epic-length MVs/short films on a regular basis!

Lovey-Dovey - 20:31

Cry Cry - 15:48

Sexy Love - 14:54

Roly Poly - 12:32

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