And reveal the concept behind their new album cover...
11 Nov 2016 - 2:42 PM  UPDATED 14 Nov 2016 - 9:05 AM

[Alexandros] released studio album, "EXIST" this week and the Japanese rock band let SBS PopAsia know about their new album, the concept behind their cover, what their favourite track is, the best part about being [Alexandros], their favourite stage to perform on and when they're coming to Australia...

Explain the concept behind the Lion on your album cover?

Yoohei: Well, we just love lions, right?

Hiro: Yeah, is there a concept?

Yoohei: No, no concept.

Hiro: That’s the answer?

Yoohei: I just think that, you know, the lion really expresses ourselves...I think it’s really strong and “Alexandros” is the name of the king, right?

Hiro: Yeah, and the lion is the king...The Lion King!

What was the best part about making “EXIST”?

Yoohei: The best part was recording, but also when I was eating all that food.

Hiro: Korean food?

Yoohei: Yeah, we had Korean food while we were recording. That was really tasty!

Does it get easier making albums?

Yoohei: Actually no.

Hiro: I don’t think it’s getting easier.

Yoohei: It gets really hard but I think it gets more fun.                       

Hiro: Well, maybe it’s getting easier to express ourselves because the environment is changing but making the album itself isn’t easy at all.

What track on the album do you all love the most?

Yoohei: For me, I love “Kaiju”...We are shooting a music video [for it] right now.

Satoyasu: I love “Moon Song.” Three days ago, I was driving on the Tokyo highway, and I was playing “Moon Song” in the car and the city view looked more beautiful with the song on.

Hiro: I would say - if I had to choose one - I would pick “Aoyama.

Masaki: My favourite song is “Aoyama” too because it's funky and it’s just good music.

What’s the best part about being [Alexandros]?

Yoohei: Well, being [Alexandros] itself is the best thing. You don’t have to be someone else...And I can express myself in this band and I can stick around with these guys, these members.

Hiro: To me, the best part of being [Alexandros] is being able to stand on the stage throughout the year and experience all those beautiful views, great audiences, and all that stuff.

Satoyasu: The most exciting thing in my life is being [Alexandros].

Masaki: Best part is I get to improve my English.

What's your favourite stage that you've played at?

Yoohei: I’d say London. I like all the stages in London - I mean UK - because I got all [my inspiration] for the band from the UK so that was like my dream to play there. 

Satoyasu: Ah! The first stage, after I joined [Alexandros]!

Hiro: That was a stage in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo Japan.            

Satoyasu: Six years ago.

Hiro: Yeah, at the venue called “Shelter.”

Satoyasu: March 22nd.

Hiro: Well, from the same point-of-view as Satoyasu, kind of, the stage in Saitama. The very first gig we played as professional musicians was in Saitama.

Masaki: The festival in Korea.

All: Jinsan Rock Festival.

Masaki: It was my first time travelling overseas as a musician and it was my favourite stage.

When will you come to Australia?

Yoohei: When can we visit there?

Hiro: That’s a very good question you know.

Yoohei: We’d love to visit there any time.

Hiro: We’re ready to go.

Yoohei: Yeah, so please make us a stage!

Hiro: Call us out and we’ll be there!

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