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With so many K-pop groups making comebacks in 2016, we take a look at some sorely-missed groups that we've yet to see this year!
14 Nov 2016 - 4:45 PM  UPDATED 14 Nov 2016 - 4:45 PM

With so many notable comebacks and several more still to come, it's been nothing short of a huge year for K-pop. However, in the midst of all the awesome comebacks and debuts, there have been a number of big-name groups who have yet to make a peep in 2016.

So without further ado, here are seven K-pop comebacks we've yet to see in 2016 (but would dearly love to)! 

7. Orange Caramel 

Following a massive 2014 in which Orange Caramel released their hit song "Catallena", few would've predicted that the group would be radio silent for two years. Since then, all members (and its parent group After School) have embarked on their own solo ventures and it - sadly - doesn't look like an Orange Caramel comeback is on the cards anytime soon (though we hope we're wrong on that!). 

Most recent album single: "My Copycat" - 2014

6. Girl's Day

A good chunk of 2016 has seen all the Girl's Day members be involved with various solo ventures, such as acting and MC-ing. While a number of members have mentioned that a 2016 comeback is imminent, there has been no confirmation yet. 

Most recent album single: "Ring My Bell" - 2015

5. f(x)

Aside from their thumping SM Station track "All Mine", as well as a number of solo acting and musical projects from Luna, Amber, Krystal, and Victoria, f(x) have spent 2016 more focused on touring around the world. Maybe that's all preparation for a comeback next year?

Most recent album single: "4 Walls" - 2015

4. B1A4

B1A4 have spent the past year touring and on various other projects, meaning that there just hasn't been time for a comeback. However, there's still hope for a return because Jinyoung has recently stated that the group are prepping for a comeback!

Most recent album single: "Sweet Girl" - 2015

3. 2NE1

With Minzy's departure and CL's soaring solo career, 2NE1 have remained in the spotlight despite not releasing any new music for over two years. Even though Minzy is no longer part of the group, we've still got our fingers crossed for a three-member 2NE1 comeback soon!

Most recent album single: "Gotta Be You" - 2014

2. Trouble Maker

Between Hyunseung leaving BEAST, 4Minute disbanding, and HyunA's solo career taking off, the cards haven't quite aligned for the red-hot Trouble Maker duo in 2016. Perhaps 2017 will be the year when we see another awesome HyunA and Hyunseung duet!

Most recent album single: "Now" - 2013

1. Girls' Generation

Much like their younger SM labelmates f(x), Girls' Generation has only released one SM Station track (Sailing (0805) and have been more focused on their world tour and various solo ventures throughout 2016. However, with the group's 10th anniversary coming up next year, can we expect K-pop's biggest girl group to return soon?

Most recent album single: "Lion Heart" - 2015

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