From his hair to his voice, we'll miss everything!
16 Nov 2016 - 3:30 PM  UPDATED 9 Feb 2017 - 1:06 PM

With T.O.P enlisting as a conscripted policeman today (February 9), we thought we might take the time to remind ourselves what we will miss when the baritone-voiced BIGBANG member swaps out those classy suits for a policeman's uniform!

7. His dance moves 

From his early show-offy days to his recent "too cool for dancing" stage presence, we'll miss it all! 

6. That 'smouldering look'

You know, the one that makes your knees weak!

5. His inner goofball

He may look like the epitome of classy, but he can goof around with the best of them!

4. That immaculate hair

From it's shape to its changing colours, we'll miss them all!

3. His abs.

Need we say more?

2. The camaraderie with the other BIGBANG members

There's T.O.P annoying Taeyang by ripping his shirts:

... T.O.P goofing around with Seungri:

... T.O.P and Daesung doing their own parody of "Whiplash":

But out of every BIGBANG member, we'll miss G-Dragon and T.O.P's interactions the most, specifically this one:

1. That deep, baritone voice

We may not know what he is saying half the time, but we will miss hearing that soothing, buttery, deep voice when he's gone (for two years)!

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