With the end-of-year awards season coming up soon, we take a look at some of the worst fashion disasters to grace the K-pop red carpet!
18 Nov 2016 - 2:30 PM  UPDATED 18 Nov 2016 - 2:30 PM

As 2016 comes to a close, K-pop groups are gearing up for one final push to the important end-of-year awards, but it's not only the music that will be under scrutiny. With awards season comes red carpets, and red carpets mean only one thing - fashion!

While there have been some great red carpet looks over the years, we've decided to go in the other direction by looking at some of the worst red carpet offenders. 

From Crayon Pop's infamous "helmet" look to SHINee channeling their inner cowboy, here are seven big red carpet fashion misfires. 

7. TWICE's 'cheerleader' look

TWICE look undeniably cute, but the girls feel out of place on the red carpet and more suited to the football fields!

6. Monsta X's 'red & black' look

Black and red go well, but here it's just little boring! Would've been nice if the boys changed it up a bit by have one Monsta X member wear a red shirt, one wearing red shoes, etc. 

5. 2NE1's 'pop-culture' look

Between Minzy's Bart Simpson skirt and CL's unicorn dress to ... whatever Dara and Park Bom are wearing, this is a misfire on all levels, pop-culture or otherwise!

4. BTS' 'schoolboy' look

It's not that BTS don't rock this look (we think they look adorable actually), but one can't help but feel like the boys had skipped school and crashed the event! We're almost expecting their principal to turn up around the corner to tell them off, but thankfully, the boys have since refined their red carpet look to something far classier!

3. Trouble Maker's 'hipster' look

We get that Trouble Maker are trying to be hip and all, but this is just not a look suited for the red carpet!

2. SHINee's 'cowboy' look

SHINee generally look good in anything, but we really can't shake the "cowboy-ness" of this look of theirs - all they're missing is a whip and some chewing tobacco!

1. Crayon Pop's famous 'helmet look' 

Those helmets were charming in their now-famous MV, but bringing it to the red carpet? That's a big no no!

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