And all the biggest in K-Pop news this week...
18 Nov 2016 - 11:11 AM  UPDATED 18 Nov 2016 - 11:11 AM

BTOB's Peniel opened up about his hair loss for the first time in five years

Peniel spoke about his secret hair loss when he was a guest on KBS 2TV’s 'Hello Councelor' on Monday. The band member explained that he had kept it a secret for so long for his fans' sake. However his secret kept getting more burdensome and now he wanted to come clean.

“For about five years, I’ve experienced hair loss,” Peniel said on the show, further explaining how his hairstylist told him he had a “hole in his hair," but the condition kept getting worse and, “every week, [he'd] get a new bald spot," he said.

Peniel explained that the hospital said he has lost 70 per cent of his hair, and that they’re not sure if he’ll ever grow it back. He further explained that this isn’t hereditary, that he is losing hair in random varying areas due to stress.

Finally taking off his hat, Peniel said he feels so relived to finally have it out in the open. Without having to deceive people anymore.

The rumoured BIGBANG comeback is imminent!

There are rumours flying that BIGBANG are preparing to make their comeback very soon! According to multiple sources, the boys met on Wednesday to film their new music video. They’ve kept this all quite secretive and not much is known as of yet.

Reports say that the members are putting final touches on their full length album “MADE,” but they have yet to confirm a release date for it. Many are anticipating that the album will be released at the end of November or in early December. This cheeky video gives us hope it'll be dropping very soon!

Other rumours floating around say that this comeback may be the group’s last before the members begin preparing for their mandatory army service.

KNK have gone and released their music video for “U” last night

Making their comeback last night, the KNK boys dropped their mini-album “REMAIN."

The title track from the album, “U” is a dramatic dance track and the previously released teaser MV certainly didn’t disappoint.

However KNK's agency YNB Entertainment released a statment saying the full "U" MV has been scrapped. “We decided to discard the music video for ‘U’, KNK’s title track for their second mini album ‘REMAIN’ because of quality issues," they said.

T-ARA are back after dropping their 12th mini-album last week

The music video for T-ARA's title track, “TIAMO” was released the same day as they dropped their mini-album "REMEMBER." This marks the girls’ first comeback as a full group in over a year.

“REMEMBER” has five tracks in total “TIAMO”, “I WILL ONLY HURT UNTIL TODAY”, “BREAKUP MOVIE” and the Chinese and instrumental versions of “TIAMO.”

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