The skinny on conventions and how to get through them in one piece!

21 Nov 2016 - 12:22 PM  UPDATED 22 Nov 2016 - 1:45 PM

Hello again, Internet!

Adelaide Supernova was on over the weekend, so I thought I'd give you a guide on how to survive a convention. I’ve been going to cons for years, and as a result, I’ve developed my own survival plans for each one I go to. Note: while it’s important to have a plan, it’s equally important to enjoy yourself!

Step 1: Getting there

It doesn’t matter if you’re in cosplay or not, you can roll up to a con however you like. Be warned, though, parking on site can be costly and depending on what time you arrive, it can be nearly impossible to get a spot.

If you’re wearing tactical gear, carrying heaps of weapons or are in a bulky costume, try to hitch a lift in to the con.

Taking weapons on public transport is not recommended. You have to keep the safety of everyone around you in mind.

Step 2: Take money out

This is something I cannot stress enough! Vendors usually have credit card facilities but on the off chance it’s cash only, you’re going to need some real dosh.

Head to an ATM, get some money and then move on to step three…

Step 3: Getting inside

Hopefully, you will have booked your tickets online so that you can join the pre-order line. If not, cons usually sell tickets on the day at a slightly higher price.

Either way, if you turn up before doors open, chances are you’re going to have to wait in some form of line.
This isn’t a bad thing. Most people are happy to chat about what they’re looking forward to about the day. Have a friendly ol’ chat, it’ll be great!

Step 4: Making your way around

Conventions can be a little short on space so my best advice is to keep left unless overtaking and be aware of your surroundings. There’s lots to see and people are going to want to stop and look. Be prepared to move with the flow of people and be mindful of those around you.

Step 5: Dealing with the hunger factor

I cannot stress this next part enough… PACK FOOD AND WATER!

Con food can be pricey, so make yourself a light snack and take a bottle of water to fill up on during the day. It’s also super important to take breaks from the main hall. Be sure to head outside and get some fresh air.

Just like school.

Step 6: Taking photos

If you want to take a photo of a cosplayer I’m almost certain they’ll be more than happy to let you but it’s vital that you ask.

If you see someone sitting down to rest and eat, don’t ask them for a photo (or take the photo without them knowing). Wait until they’re done and ask politely. It’s just common courtesy. Us cosplayers are people too, ya know?

Step 7: HAVE FUN

At the end of the day, cons are about fun (and buying heaps of stuff that won’t fit in my room but oh well). Have a chat to your fellow geeks, make some friends, play some games and have an awesome time.

Hopefully this is useful to all you con-goers out there. Good luck and have fun, nerds!

 - Lucky xxx

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