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22 Nov 2016 - 12:20 PM  UPDATED 22 Nov 2016 - 12:20 PM

Good evening Victims!

The What The Frak crew went and watched Suicide Squad: Extended cut and it was nothing spectacular. It was just slightly...extended.

In the past, movies that sucked a little, have been saved by a directors cut/extended edition. Take Daredevil (the one with Affleck) as an example. The directors cut didn't instantly make the movie great, but it did improve the original film release a little bit - enough to make less people hate the film, which is a start I guess.

In the lead up to the initial release of Suicide Squad, the hype was massive.

- Awesome Trailers

- Interesting casting

- Great soundtrack


(To many people though, the Joker was their main concern in the original release)



Suicide Squad: Extended Cut gave us 12 minutes of added footage...

The 12 minutes added to Suicide Squad: The Extended Cut do make it a better movie but they don't do enough. The additions are all about character — notably, the scene where our anti-heroes hit up a bar before taking on the Big Bad is now much longer. That’s probably the best scene in the movie, so that extension is very welcome.

We get an extra flashback with Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) and the Joker (Jared Leto), which is equally as welcome. Plus an extra bit in the present day, in which Harley hassles the other members of the Suicide Squad as they walk through the streets of Midway City - here there's a decent moment in which Katana takes off her mask briefly.

While the above are great additions - that's it. That's all we get.

When it comes to extra Joker scenes, we get about an extra three minutes of Leto on screen. Still not enough to convince us of anything. 

Realistically, Suicide Squad is a two hour music video/montage of some DC characters walking the streets.

What Suicide Squad needed was not an extended cut, but rather a totally new, fresh cut. It needed to be re-edited completely.

This extended version is just a longer, more excruciating version of an already average movie. At least one good thing came from it:

See it for the sake of seeing it. But don’t go expecting anything amazing. 

 - Dan

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