Following EXO's "Artist of the Year" win at the 2016 Melon Music Awards, Suho gave a heartfelt acceptance speech that's been well-received by fans and peers everywhere!
23 Nov 2016 - 11:50 AM  UPDATED 23 Nov 2016 - 11:50 AM

The recently-held 2016 Melon Music Awards featured a number of worthy winners, but the most impressive group of the night undoubtedly goes to EXO, who managed to pick up five awards including the coveted "Artist of the Year" trophy. But when the night couldn't get any better for EXO, Suho managed to put a cherry on top of everything by delivering a heartfelt acceptance speech during the group's "Artist of the Year" win, one that has got fans heaping praise on the EXO leader. 

After starting off by thanking EXO's agency and staff, Suho then surprised everyone by heaping praise on his fellow K-pop peers. The EXO leader took time out to mention a number of fellow SBS PopAsia Award nominees, including BTSTWICEMAMAMOOSEVENTEENRed Velvet, and K-pop veterans Sechs Kies, before concluding with a message of thanks to all the EXO-Ls out there. 

Check out Suho's speech right here (at around the 6:30 mark):

Here's a full transcript of Suho's speech:

“Artist of the Year Award.. We received five awards today and this award for the fourth consecutive year from Melon Music Awards. However, I feel like no other award felt as meaningful as today’s award.

Today’s award is so meaningful. There are so many people we to whom we are grateful. Lee Sooman sunsengnim (teacher), the SM family, and all staff and manager hyungs, thank you so much. To be honest, I was deeply impressed by the stages of our juniors BTS and TWICEMAMAMOO juniors, SEVENTEEN juniors, Red Velvet juniors, I was also impressed by your stages as well.

However, when I was watching the stage of our seniors SECHSKIES, I don’t know why but I teared up. I learned a lot from [you] today. I have only one thought right now and that is that I want to stand on stage for the next 10 years, 20 years, until forever together with our EXO-L.

want to become that kind of artist. EXO-L, I truly thank you and love you. We are one! EXO, let’s love. Thank you very much!”

Upon hearing Suho's acceptance speech, many touched fans started praising EXO's leader for his kind words:

“EXO Suho-nim! I really want to relay my gratitude..(sobbing) As a fan that likes one of the junior groups, I was so thankful and moved that you mentioned every junior group and said that you enjoyed their stages.. I hope that EXO continues to be succesfull in the future T_T”

“Was it EXO Suho? The person that said he teared up because of our oppas.. I am grateful too. I hope EXO becomes more successful. All fans feel the same way ♥”

“I was shocked that EXO Suho said he enjoyed his junior SEVENTEEN’s stage during his acceptance speech,,, It’s the first time I’ve ever seen someone say something like that during their speech!

Hats off to Suho for his heartwarming speech and congrats to EXO for their big wins!


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