Following his departure from WINNER and YG Entertainment, Nam Taehyun has shared a heartfelt letter to fans, reassuring everyone he will be back soon.
28 Nov 2016 - 10:43 AM  UPDATED 28 Nov 2016 - 10:43 AM

It was a sad day when Nam Taehyun announced his departure from WINNER and YG Entertainment due to mental health issues, and while not all questions were answered in YG statement, Taehyun has reassured fans he will be back through a handwritten letter.

Just recently, Taehyun posted up handwritten letter on his Instagram (which has since been taken down), which states that he is forever grateful for all the support he received during his time in WINNER and that he intends on returning with new music and projects. 

Here's a translation of Taehyun's letter:

"Hello. This is Nam Tae Hyun.
I'm sorry to have such disappointing news
for everyone who's loved me.
There were a lot of things that happened
within this time, which could be defined as short or long.
I was very happy to have received such great love 
as Nam Tae Hyun of WINNER.
We came to this decision after a long meeting,
but I haven't changed my mind about doing good music.
I'll return with good music and projects.
Stay healthy in this cold weather.
I sincerely thank everyone who's supported me.
Posted by Nam Tae Hyun."

Get well soon, Taehyun, and we will support you in whatever you do in the future!


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