During her trainee and debut days, Red Velvet's Wendy made a sweet promise to her vocal teacher that she will be the "Beyoncé of Korea"!
29 Nov 2016 - 10:39 AM  UPDATED 29 Nov 2016 - 10:39 AM

Out of her many talents, the one stand-out trait of Red Velvet's Wendy is her outstanding vocals, unsurprising given that she's the lead singer of the group. While being born with a great voice is something that can happen, it appears that Wendy worked really hard to get to where she is, and made a big promise to her vocal teacher whilst doing so.

Just recently, fans discovered a message that Wendy wrote to her vocal teacher during her trainee days, promising that she will be the "Beyoncé of Korea"!

Following Red Velvet's big debut with "Happiness", the group followed that up with their hit song "Ice Cream Cake". But despite their huge success, a follow-up message revealed that Wendy still had her doubts and that she is thankful for everything her teacher has taught her.

Here's a translation of Wendy's message to her vocal teacher:

Don't worry, Wendy! Beyoncé of Korea or not, we're certain your teacher is proud of your achievements - we certainly are!


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