These will scare the pants off you (literally).
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5 Dec 2016 - 3:04 PM  UPDATED 5 Dec 2016 - 3:04 PM

What is up Victims!!

It was a busy week for us over here - at the Land of Pod - last week. We went adventuring into my favourite place ever; the land of horror movies and scary stuff.

Why did we go there??

Because of Don’t Breathe

Myself, LuckyBonez and Kitty Em experienced Don't Breathe, for real. Our little crew visited Luna Park for the ultimate Don't Breathe experience and it was great! (Just ask KittyEm)

We ventured into the darkness and learnt how it felt to be trapped with a crazy blind killer. I've never loved horror more.

If you've seen Don't Breathe, then you already know that it is a contender for best horror of 2016. If you haven't, then you need to watch this movie.

Here's the plain and simple breakdown: A group of friends break into the house of a wealthy blind man, thinking they’ll get away with the perfect heist. They’re wrong.

We do a little breakdown of our experience on the #WTFPodcast (you should listen to it). 

Don't Breathe is available on Blu-ray on the 28th of December. I dare you to watch it. And while we are at it, here's the top five scare 'attractions' from around the world:

5. Shocktoberfest 

Pennsylvania's Shocktoberfest guests must be 18 and over (already a big warning sign).

Guests are ordered to walk through a dark, creepy house filled with jump-scares from live actors. They are sprayed with water, grabbed and shoved. The designer originally intended participants to be fully naked but local residents rallied to stop the attraction, so people now take part in underwear or swimmers.

Konopelski wanted to experiment with vulnerability. He thought stripping people bare would heighten their sense of fear and exposure. I suppose that's one way to scare the pants off someone...right?

4. The Freakling Bros: Victim Experience

Okay, its time to turn things up a notch. They only sell five tickets per night to the Victim Experience and you must be 18 or over (again). WARNING SIGNS!

Before entering you must sign a waiver, there is a 'safe word' and only 30 per cent of participants make it to the end.

There’s reports that you can experience anything from kidnapping to waterboarding. A direct quote from one of the workers there is - “YOU ASKED FOR IT.”

3. Alone: An Existential Haunting

There isn't much more to say about this one that the title hasn't already revealed. You are left in a claustrophobic space, where you're mentality is tortured and you're left alone with your own thoughts.


2. Blackout

This attraction has been labelled as the most popular horror experience in America. It has a different effect on every victim who walks through its doors.

Without going into the crude details here (google them), all I will say is that the attraction is traumatic and will leave you physically and emotionally distraught.

1. McKamey Manor

This is the most extreme experience legally possible. Created by a millionaire, this attraction will test everything about you. Ever.

First off -  it’s free to participate!! WOOOO! Oh, and there’s a 17,000 person waiting list to get in.

It is for ages 21 and older. There’s a waiver as usual but this attraction dials it up a notch with NO safe word and the experience goes for four to seven hours!

Participants have reported:

 - being threatened with power tools,

 - forced to eat things,

 - being water boarded,

 - they’ve had live tarantulas walking on their faces,

 - there’s even accounts of people being stuffed into a clothes dryer.

Participants leave this experience as shivering, emotional wrecks, covered in blood and tears. Some even pass out.

How have I ever lived without these attractions in my life? No literally, I would never even do something like this - it’s crazy.

Check these attractions out and let me know if you’d consider giving them a go?

Till next time. Stay spooky.

 - Dan

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