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Korean broadcasters MBC, SBS, & KBS won't be giving out awards at their end-of-year music festivals.
8 Dec 2016 - 11:58 AM  UPDATED 8 Dec 2016 - 11:58 AM

At the end of every year, each major South Korean broadcasting company (MBSSBS, and KBS) holds its own music concert - called Gayos - that's filled with awesome stages, collaborations, and elaborate sets. However, while fans can definitely expect a grand spectacle for the end of 2016, don't expect the return of music awards at any of the Gayos.

According to a new report, SBS, KBS, and MBC will not be giving out any music awards at any of its Gayos. The reasoning behind this decision revolves around fairness controversies regarding who should receive these awards, and each company is aiming to keep its respective Gayos as a fun event rather than an awards show.

SBS gave out some awards last year, but the company will reformat its 2016 Gayo into a music festival. For KBS and MBC, both companies abolished awards from its Gayos in 2009 and 2006 respectively, and don't intend to bring them back anytime soon. 

With awards being a non-factor this year, fans can certainly expect a fantastic show to make up for it, particularly at the upcoming SBS Gayo on December 26!

Just recently, it was confirmed that YG Entertainment artists SechskiesBIGBANG, and Black Pink will perform at the SBS event, and will be joining a star-studded line-up that includes G-FriendEXOTWICEBTSINFINITE, and more. This is certainly something that will please fans, given how YG skipped the recent 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

With a line-up like that and more artists who have yet to be revealed, we absolutely can't wait for what the end of year Gayos have in store!

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