Let's celebrate the BIGBANG maknae's big day with 27 fun facts! #HappySeungriDay
12 Dec 2016 - 2:39 PM  UPDATED 11 Dec 2017 - 1:00 PM

Today (December 12) is a very special day - it is Seungri's birthday today!

To celebrate his 27th year on this glorious Earth (28 in Korea), we've decided to take a look at 26 facts that you may (or may not) know about BIGBANG's beloved maknae!

27. He's a Jiu-Jitsu master!

He's so good that he recently won a silver and bronze medal in his first ever Jiu-Jitsu tournament!

26. At 27 years old (28 years old in Korea), he is the youngest BIGBANG member!

He certainly acts like it as well!

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25. He's BFFs renowned producer Steve Aoki!

And apparently there could be a BIGBANG/Steve Aoki collaboration in the works as well!

24. If he had to date a member from BIGBANG, he would pick G-Dragon

G-Dragon x Seungri? We'd ship that!

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23. He was the first BIGBANG member to act in a musical

Back in 2008, he made his stage debut on the play "Sonagi"!

22. He had his first kiss in the 9th grade

According to Seungri it was in the “9th grade/at a park on a rainy day with my then girlfriend. We did it when we suddenly made eye contact.” 

Awww! How sweet!

21. He is a big fan of Psy's "Gangnam Style"

Not too surprising since they're both under the same company!

20. He once hung out with Flo Rida in Japan

Much fun is to be had when you hang out with Seungri and Flo Rida!


19. One time when someone wrote something mean about him on BIGBANG's fancafe, Seungri secretly wrote something nice about himself in reply!


18. He is BIGBANG's main dancer

And boy does he have the moves to back it up!

17. He's choreographed the dance for a number of BIGBANG's songs

Not just a dancer, but the creator of dances as well!

16. His first solo album "VVIP" was released in 2011

Not only was he involved with the album's production, Seungri won a heap of music show awards for the album's singles "VVIP" and "What Can I Do"

15. He has his own dance academy aptly named "Seungri's Academy"

Past students of the academy includes 2NE1's Minzy, Kara's Goo HaraTVXQ'YunhoB.A.P's Zelo, and BTS' J-Hope.

14. He's a big fan of Justin Timberlake

Although he can't sing "Sexyback" very well!

13. Taeyang loves trolling Seungri!

And it's absolutely hilarious whenever he does!

12. He's kissed T.O.P (for that infamous "Secret Garden" parody)

Oh T.O.P, what would G-Dragon say if he saw this?

11. Of all of his body parts, he is most comfortable with his elbow.

Well that's interesting choice. We would've went with his smile!

10. His first solo song was "The Next Day", which was on BIGBANG's first album "Bigbang Vol. 1"

9. He has a weird fascination with the world "everything"!

We're not complaining at all - we love it when his says "everything"!

8. His fan-sign events are the best things ever

Seriously, he brings a whole new meeting to the term "fan-service"!

7. He hates rollercoasters!

Haunted houses though, that's a different story!

6. He studied at Chung-Ang University with Girl's Generation's Yuri and Sooyoung!

And he made sure his peers knew which groups he and Yuri were from!

5. Unfortunately, he then dropped out of Chung-Ang University due to his intense BIGBANG schedule

BIGBANG took priority over his classes and Seungri ended up dropping out of Chung-Ang University in 2012. However, he has since enrolled in online courses at Gukje Digital University so he could study and do BIGBANG stuff.

4. G-Dragon made Seungri dye his blonde hair another colour because he wanted to have blonde hair!

Not sure who looks better with blonde hair, G-Dragon or Seungri!

3. He's the best at singing Taeyang's "Eyes, Nose, Lips"

Out of T.O.P, Daesung, and Seungri, we think Seungri is definitely the best at singing Taeyang's hit song!

2. G-Dragon resented Seungri at first, but the two bonded over an unlikely thing - K-dramas!

G-Dragon wasn't happy when Seungri was added to BIGBANG, but the two eventually grew close over their love of sappy K-dramas! Awwww!

Check it out at the 48:20 mark:

Of course, they're as close as ever now!

1. Seungri was initially dropped from BIGBANG but was given a second chance to impress - which he did!

Can't imagine what BIGBANG would be like if he wasn't in it!

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