I'm sleepless. I'm tired. I lack energy. I'm playing Pokémon. All The Time.
Dan. A.K.A Dankmilk

12 Dec 2016 - 3:58 PM  UPDATED 13 Dec 2016 - 11:10 AM

There's something about Pokémon that connects with everyone (right?). People have a desire to be the best, like no one ever was before them (face palm). The craze is currently back and eating away at people's daily lives as they obsess over catching particular Pokémon, defeating Kahunas and beating trials. 

As someone who has very little experience in anime (see below) it's pretty cool to see that Pokémon is so widely received and is popular in the Eastern and Western comic/cartoon world.

My anime resumé:

- I watched an anime movie when I was nine. It featured kids who were actually robots, attempting to escape from some kind of factory in the sky. (That's all I remember).

- The samurai pizza cats.

- (A little) Dragonball Z.

- Pokémon.

As a Pokémon player that joined the ranks from the very beginning (official “red version” player est.1996) I've always been a huge fan of the original 151. The founding fathers.  The OG Pokémon of the Pokémon world as we know it. 

There was never a particular reason why I preferred the original 151 besides the fact they were just way cooler in my eyes. More original in character and design with a hint of simplicity. 

And then Mimikyu came along. 

Mimikyu is a ghost/fairy type Pokémon with a disguise ability. It hides from people and the sunlight. Anybody who sees its true form beneath the cloth will become mysteriously ill. 

It's a super lonely, dark and mysterious Pokémon that hides many secrets. I like it because it looks like a sadistic Pikachu! 

There are rumours that Mimikyu has been around for a long time and that this new Pokémon is actually another Pokémon in disguise. A Pokémon formerly known as Porygon. 

There's a small chance that Porygon hides under a costume these days in order to (hopefully) get some attention from trainers and fans out there. Who better to dress up as than everybody's favourite Pokémon - Pikachu. 

Mimkyu is creepy and therefore would make the perfect companion for me as a trainer. So my hunt continues. Will I ever get sleep again?

Which Pokémon are your favourite and who would you befriend as your partner in a journey to become a champion? 

If you need some help deciding, check out my Top 7 Pokémon Companions and why they're rad!

 - Dan. 

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