Not looking forward to the day when BIGBANG do enlist...
14 Dec 2016 - 11:43 AM  UPDATED 14 Dec 2016 - 11:43 AM

Having made their long awaited comeback two days ago with their "FXXK It" and "Last Dance" MVs, BIGBANG are now on the official promotional cycle. Just recently, the group sat down for a new interview at YG Entertainment, and among the various topics that were discussed, the boys revealed that they originally had different plans for their upcoming military enlistment.

In regards to their enlistment, the group said that when they previously renewed their contract, they briefly entertained the idea that should they not re-sign, they will all enlist together at the same time:

“At the time of renewing the contract, we jokingly thought, ‘If, hypothetically, we don’t re-sign a contract, then let’s all enlist together just like this.'”

Of course, that didn't quite pan out as T.O.P is scheduled to enlist in February 2017. Following up on the question regarding their original enlistment plans, Taeyang revealed the remaining members are currently talking about when to enlist so they they can shorten the time it will take for everyone to come back as BIGBANG:

“We’re currently discussing things in order to find a way to shorten the time it takes for us to come together again. All of us think that it’ll be good to shorten that time as much as we can. The one who holds the key to that is Seungri. Since we re-signed the contract, we’re trying to go [fulfill the mandatory service] as soon as we can, so that fans will only have to see BIGBANG promote without a member for a short amount of time.”

What do you think about BIGBANG's upcoming military enlistment?

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