What songs did Peter pick as the best from this year?
16 Dec 2016 - 9:04 AM  UPDATED 22 Dec 2016 - 11:18 AM

Peter shares his thoughts on which songs will define 2016 plus gives his tips to songwriters, on how to get your music out there.

  • What songs will define 2016?
  • BLACKPINK ‘Whistle’ – best rookie of 2016? Very promising group. High expectations for YG debutants.
  • Bolppalgan Puberty ‘Galaxy’ – rookies, came out of nowhere with one of the biggest hits of 2016. Song blew-up nationwide. Underground, indie group. The fairytale story of 2016.
  • Gfriend ‘Rough’ – only into their 2nd year in K-Pop, huge song in 2016. Young sound with many teen fans. From a music production stand point, they're a bit of a “what the?” in terms of trying to explain the success.
  • DEAN ‘Half Moon’ – 2016 birthed a special artist. All other k-pop artists admire DEAN. He introduced R'n'B to K-Pop. 
  • SEVENTEEN ‘Pretty U’ – BIG year for SEVENTEEN, big sales.
  • Block B ‘Toy’ – Big album from Block B this year.
  • BTS ‘Fire’ - Number one selling album. Huge year for the band.
  • EXO ‘Monster’ – Top total sales this year.
  • Urban Zakapa ‘I Don’t Love You’ – Big ballads and sad songs. Very direct lyrics that are more relatable.
  • Crush ‘Fall’ – Breakup songs don’t have to be sad. Crush cherishes the memories with a voice that can connect to the listener.
  • TWICE ‘Cheer Up’ – Blowout year for TWICE.
  • Tip for the songwriters – how to get your music out there:
      - If you’re an established songwriter, get yourself a publisher.
      - Publishers protect your music as well as help pitch your songs to companies/artists.
      - If you’re aiming for a particular artist/company, just approach them directly.

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