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19 Dec 2016 - 11:54 AM  UPDATED 19 Dec 2016 - 11:55 AM

Cosplay and wrestling have quite a lot in common. Think about it, we go to conventions, wearing costumes and taking on the role of a character. We create a story and play it out 'til the end. This, in essence, is the same as wrestling. The objective is the same.

The similarities between wrestling and cosplay
Spandex, characters and (sometimes) blood, sweat and tears.

Here's five times cosplay made it into the WWE ring.

5. When Finn Balor began to exist in the ring

Finn Balor (formerly known as Fergal Devitt) is a wrestler for the WWE who, besides his amazing in-ring talent, is known for his awesome costumes and body paint attire.

As a wrestler who developed his skills on the independent circuit for many years, Finn would often bring a new character to life each time he stepped into the ring. Characters such as Bane, Venom, Spider-Man and The Joker are just to name a few.

Balor is currently out with an injury, but it shouldn't be too long before the “Demon King” returns. 

4. Xavier Woods (the geek we all deserve)

What more can be said about Xavier Woods than the fact he is a wrestler that represents every geek in existence.

Woods can be found weekly on WWE Raw, is a crucial member of the New Day Tag Team and is an all round trumpet playing unicorn. 

In his spare time Woods is an avid cosplayer, attending conventions in costume and hanging out with friends. He also has a YouTube channel called UP UP DOWN DOWN where you can watch Woods and his wrestling buds playing video games and causing havoc backstage. 

3. Leva Bates, the wrestling cosplay Queen

A personal friend and amazing cosplayer. Leva Bates is the definition of a cosplaying wrestler. Sometimes known as “Blue Pants,” Leva has appeared on WWE television wearing a Kitty Pryde costume.

Each time Bates steps into a wrestling ring, she takes on a new character and persona. All of Leva’s cosplays are modified to be practical in a wrestling ring, adding an extra step in the (already stressful) process of costume creating. She's a total babe and can kick copious amounts of butt, all while dressed as a superhero/villain.

You may have the chance to see Leva at pop culture conventions, up on stage, hosting interviews and meeting stars. 

2. Lucha Underground is a living comic book

This can't be explained any better than the image above.

Lucha Underground introduces us to a history of Lucha Libre wrestling (a Mexican style of technical/high flying skill) along with some very colourful characters.

Not many promotions could introduce you to a human dragon and a man from space, who's existence you kinda just accept is real.

This show is amazing and has won the hearts of many fans worldwide. Colourful characters, awesome costumes and some of the best storylines to boot. CHECK IT OUT. 

1. Any WrestleMania ever! 

If you've ever watched a WrestleMania event then you know it's the biggest, grandest show of the year. It's the one night where dreams come true and careers are made and broken.

Naturally, with such a grand event, the dial is turned up to 11 and everybody does their best to shine the brightest, even with entrance attire. 

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 - Dan. 

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The similarities between wrestling and cosplay
Spandex, characters and (sometimes) blood, sweat and tears.
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