Because life is too short and there is too much good anime...
20 Dec 2016 - 10:07 AM  UPDATED 20 Dec 2016 - 10:07 AM

It's the holidays, you probably have a few days off work or a few weeks off school. You deserve a break. Not just from your normal routine, no you deserve the kind of break that sucks you into a vortex, crunches you between the jaws of an alternate world and then spits you back into this reality.

May I suggest anime?

Now, I am pretty great at binge watching things. I won't say I'm the best, but I watch entire series in one night. FIGHT ME! I mean, sorry, learn from me.

Before we begin, some rules to binge watching:

1. Do as I say, not as I do.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know I never sleep. That's because I am bad at adulting. You need to look after yourself when you do anything. You're important. This leads to my next rule...

2. Sleep.

You need this. Not because you need your beauty rest (you're awesome already), you need it because sleep is a vital function of being a human, or lizard person, or anyone who's not a vampire.

3. Eat.

I prep for a binge watch by getting quick and easy meals ready to go. Veggies that are easy to cook in the microwave are my favourite. Ramen packs are also great, or pre-cook meals ahead of time.

4. Socialise.

Normally I don't suggest this, ever. But apparently human interaction has been the 'in' thing for the last thousand years. Even if it's just a message chain between you and your bestie about the series you're both binge watching at the same time, in different places, then make sure you touch base with people.


Firstly, Paul Rudd, challenge accepted.

Second, 100 episodes in five weeks is only 20 episodes a week, three episodes a day. That binge-watch game is weak.

Here's how you do better than that, with anime.

For beginners:

You've never bingewatched anything and you think two hour movies are an hour too long.

Pro Tip: Start small, with something you love. Shorter series are faster paced, which will help to keep the excitement fresh. Choose a theme you love, with characters you like the look of. This will help you strengthen your resolve.


Classic 'player gets stuck in the game' storyline. If you like this, then raise your game with KonoSuba, Grimgar Fantasy and then Sword Art Online.

Yuri On Ice:

This one's for fans of romance, beautiful animation movement and feelings in general. It's about Yuri, an internationally renowned ice skater who has suffered a crushing defeat on the world stage, and Victor, the best skater in the world, who has decided to train Yuri. Wondering why everyone everywhere on the Internet is shipping 'Yuri and Victor?' this is why. 

It's a great one to binge because it mixes sports anime, with romance and beautiful animation.

Ultimate Otaku Teacher:

A NEET Otaku becomes a teacher and teaches his students some valuable lessons while learning something about himself. And it's funny. If this is your thing, then you can also try Devil is a Part Timer and Yokai Watch (which is an ongoing series) to build up your stamina.

For amateurs:

You watched an entire series once over the space of a week.

Pro Tip: Pick your battles.

There's no point trying to get to the next level with an anime you're just not that into. You probably don't need as many cliffhangers, but you do need a story that speaks to you.

Tokyo Ghoul:


These are your feels on Tokyo Ghoul.

Sometimes it's not the number of episodes, but what happens in them. Artistically, this is a beautiful anime to watch. The pace of the story will eat you alive. It's not going to let you enjoy anything for any amount of time. Ever. Gorey, emotional goodness. Plenty of red. 

Soul Eater:


Think Hogwarts, but where the wands are made of people and the wands are deadly weapons. Soul Eater is funny, so you'll get emotional respite, but the story line is still intense enough with horror elements and twists in the plot that will have you hitting 'next episode' long after you should be asleep.

Fate Series:


Characters from history are pitted against one another in a tragic story of the search and battle for the Holy Grail. I've seen differing views on which order to watch the Fate series. I went Fate/Zero, Fate/Stay Night, Unlimited Blade Works. BUT, that was not the creator's original intention, it was meant to be -

Stay Night, Zero, Unlimited Blade Works, Heaven's Feel.

It's up to you. Sometimes I regret my decision to go the way I did.

But once you've watched something like the Fate series, you'll have officially moved yourself into the realms of these guys...

For master binge watchers:

You watch the first episode, then it's 5 a.m and you've finished the first two seasons.

Pro Tip: Just remember to go to the bathroom.

In general, you should go for a series that's a challenge to watch emotionally, with many episodes. You know better than to try it all in one night, but remember to vary the genre. It keeps things interesting.

Here are my picks:

Fairy Tail:


There are so many back stories, so many interweaving tales and so much to be revealed that Fairy Tail can keep your interest for a very long time.

But really, any kind of 'group' or broadly based world anime will work for you. One Piece and Bleach are other fine examples of this.

Sailor Moon:

Fighting evil by moonlight will never get old and if you've already watched the original, you can start on Sailor Moon Crystal.

If you're already up to date with Sailor Moon, try out CardCaptor Sakura or Voltron. The beauty of these sorts of series is that in the West we tend to get censored or altered versions of what was shown in Japan. So if you can find the original story lines, you can actually just watch your favourite childhood anime and see scenes not previously aired.



A journey of redemption and friendship. Plus there is enough toilet humour from the outset to make this a solidly entertaining anime. (And it's Naruto, why am I even trying to convince you to watch this?!). If you've finished all of Naruto, there's always Full Metal Alchemist (which isn't that long, but emotionally will take it out of you), the Pokemon series and Dragon Ball if you're looking for that high level of episodes style anime.


Sports anime are uplifting and captivating. It's sort of like watching real sport, but in anime everyone looks cool when they drink water. Watch something like Haikyuu and feel six in the morning when you should just be waking up.

Is there an anime series you just couldn't stop watching until it was all done? Let me know!

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