Spandex, characters and (sometimes) blood, sweat and tears.
Dan. A.K.A Dankmilk

19 Dec 2016 - 10:26 AM  UPDATED 19 Dec 2016 - 11:56 AM

What's up Victims!

This week, I went to WWE NXT. Yes, it's a wrestling show. It's a division of the World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. No, you can't escape.

I have been a huge wrestling fan for most of my life. It's live entertainment at its finest and as a cosplayer, you may just learn there's something about wrestling that you can connect with. More than you probably realised.

Wrestling is a real-time, physically demanding soap opera. It has colourful characters, good guys and bad guys, diversity and storylines.

The endings of each story are predetermined, but the road that these men and women travel down to reach that story’s end is one that demands a bunch of physical sacrifice.

Wrestling is best described as a performance art.

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Simply put, wrestling hurts but it's worth it after you've told an amazing story.

As a cosplayer who has trained as a wrestler, one thing I can tell you is that the two worlds are quite similar: 

 - A cosplayer takes on the role of a hero/villain
 - A wrestler takes on the role of a face/heel

Cosplay demands physical fitness and confidence just like wrestling does.

People go to conventions wearing a costume and taking on a character's role. We hope that our convention weekend ends with a story that we (and others) will remember. This is the essence of wrestling too. Our objective is entirely the same.

I had an awesome time at WWE NXT. Five Australian WWE superstars returned home to perform in front of their families and fans. They have achieved their dreams, making it to the top and even as a fan that feels awesome.

Feel free to check out my 5 times cosplay was very alive in the wrestling world.

From one cosplayer to another, give wrestling a chance. You might just find that you actually like it. (Even though you probably won't admit it to anyone)

Till next time.

 - Dan.

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