And "Running Man" will end in 2017 *sobs*.
20 Dec 2016 - 9:59 AM  UPDATED 20 Dec 2016 - 4:47 PM

From the controversial dismissal of long-time cast members Kim Jongkook and Song Jihyo to a heap of behind-the-scenes drama, it's been an eventful week for the "Running Man" production crew to say the least. The future of the popular variety show was up in the air following last week's bombshells, and sadly, it appears that the end will be coming soon.

According to new reports, the "Running Man" cast and crew held an emergency meeting and after a long discussion, it was decided that the show will finish at the end of February in 2017 with all the main cast members, including Kim Jongkook and Song Jihyo. 

Despite all the controversy surrounding their initial dismissal, it appears that Kim Jongkook and Song Jihyo intend to make their remaining time on "Running Man" something special. 

According to a new report, both Jongkook and Song Jihyo will be donating their salary from their remaining "Running Man" appearances to charity. While the charity hasn't been named yet, the report states that this decision came from a sense of gratitude towards all of the viewers and fans of "Running Man". 

What do you make of Kim Jongkook and Song Jihyo's decision to donate their salary? what are your thoughts on "Running Man" coming to an end in 2017?

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