Is it Leonardo DiCaprio? Gong Yoo? Amy Adams? Jackie Chan? Suzy Bae?
21 Dec 2016 - 10:56 AM  UPDATED 21 Dec 2016 - 12:36 PM

Prince Mak is back on SBS PopAsia radio with "The Prince Mak Hour", and he'll be here for all your Summer listening needs!

For his second show back, Prince Mak tackles an interesting fan question that ties right in with his burgeoning acting career - if he had the choice of anyone, who would he like to star alongside in a movie? 

After some umming and ahhing, the star revealed that he would love to work with Jackie Chan in a movie, unsurprisingly. But what was surprising was his next answer as Prince Mak then named Korean actress Jeon Ji-hyun as the person he would love to star alongside with, before he proceeded to fanboy over how great of an actress she is! 

Listen to Prince Mak's dream movie cast-mates (and some fanboying) right here:

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How to listen:

SBS PopAsia is streaming live 24/7 on digital radio. Catch Prince Mak in the Studio at 8pm (AEST) every Tuesday.

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