Tickets to his first UK concert sold out in 24 minutes.
Michelle Chen

22 Dec 2016 - 2:48 PM  UPDATED 22 Dec 2016 - 4:20 PM

Jay Chou will have a hectic month in Hong Kong during January and Lara drops her new English single, “Where do we go?” Plus all the latest C-pop music and celebrity gossip...

Jay Chou’s 2017 “The Invincible” World Tour in Hong Kong and UK

This is Jay Chou’s 7th World Tour since his 2001 Fantasy Tours debut. The Taiwanese Pop King started “The Invincible” world tour in Shanghai in June this year. During the past five months, he visited many Asian countries including Singapore and Malaysia. He will have a busy month in Hong Kong from January 8 - 17. The organiser for his Hong Kong concerts just announced they would add three extra nights to his show; January 15,16 and 17, making a total of nine performances. 

Tickets for his first UK concert on March 17, 2017 were snatched up in 24 minutes, so another concert on March 18 has been added to his tour. Jay’s UK concert will be held at London’s Wembley Stadium.

Jay’s tour is inspired by advanced technology and space travel, so should be an amazing experience for fans. There’s no news about visiting Australia next year yet, but we'll keep you informed about any updates!

For now, you can check out Jay's classic song “Snail," which is in the movie Trailer for 10000 Miles.

Lara drops her new English single “Where do we go?”

Russian-Taiwanese-American Singer Lara Veronin held a press event for her new single (and MV) for “Where Do We Go?” on December 19.

Personal experiences for the past few years were inspiration for the song. As a female vocalist of Taiwanese band NanQuan Mama since 2005, she is known for appearing as a featured singer in “Coral Sea” with Jay Chou. In 2010 Lara released her first bilingual solo album “Hello Lara".

After eight years with her previous music company, she made a bold decision to leave and found her own company called Meimeiwawa Multimedia with her sister Esther Veronin in 2013. The sisters are active in film as well as music, and have embarked on an international film project called "Taipei As We Know It (TAWKI)." In 2013, Veronin starred in various self-produced films including "She Wore Red," which won the award for Best Cinematography in the Tainan 39 Hour Short Film Contestival.

After years of film production, Lara returned to create more music for fans. She also hopes to write music for some other singers like Eason Chan and Stefanie Sun in the future.

Check out her new MV released on December 20:

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