The other members debate his likelihood of survival in the jungle.
6 Jan 2017 - 11:37 AM  UPDATED 6 Jan 2017 - 11:38 AM

BTS’ eldest member Jin is heading off to the jungle in a new “Law of the Jungle" series on SBS.

Before his adventure, Jin made sure to pack some very important things. He posted photos of himself packing an ARMY Bomb and BTS fan light stick into his luggage.

Jin is looking prepped for his trip to Indonesia to film the upcoming season of the show.

SBS have shared a video on their Twitter page of Jin boasting about his confidence going into the jungle and the other BTS members debating about how he’ll fair.

Jimin says that Jin, “Really can’t stand being hungry.” He also says that he hopes Jin makes good memories while his away.

Jungkook thinks he would do well in the jungle saying, “If I had been the one going, I would have cooked well and been good at catching fish.”

Suga admits if he went he’d be the one to die of starvation. V reckons Rap Monster would be the second, but Rap Monster doesn’t agree.

When Rap Monster asks Jin if he’s research survival tips Jin says, “Fans have given me a lot of books about the jungle!”

Jimin is worried about Jin because he’s a bit precious with food. But Suga says he'll be fine because he gets along with older guys and then Jimin jokes about Jin being fine because he’ll be on TV.

What do you think?

Jin’s season of “Law of the Jungle” will air on January 6 (KST) on SBS…We guess we’ll find out how he went very soon!

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