Could the new year bring a slew of concert tours? Pleeease...
9 Jan 2017 - 12:21 PM  UPDATED 9 Jan 2017 - 12:24 PM

Last year we were lucky to have several Asian Pop groups visit Australia and New Zealand, so who do Aussie PopAsians want to see visit us this year?

We asked Asian Pop performers who they wanted to see in 2017.

The winners of last year's K-Pop singing contest in Sydney, Brianna and Mele, want Dean to come. I do recall a previous interview we did with him where he said he wanted to come and perform in Australia because the "people are really cool, the weather is great and the women are beautiful." Come on over, Dean!

Other solo artists mentioned were IU and Tablo from Epik High because that would be "Epicccc!!" (pun intended).

One of our fav groups who came to SBS PopAsia HQ when they were previously on tour Down Under was mentioned; We'd love BTS to come again. It's definitely time for another visit.   

An ARMY fanboy was reminded of his amazing experience during the VIP Hi-touch at their Sydney concert. He gushed about how amazing it was when he got to see them up close and personal. He actually took the opportunity to sing one of their songs to them. 

He gave us a demo and showed off his incredible singing skills by doing an impromptu cover of 'Hold Me Tight' and, his personal favourite BTS song, 'Just One Day'.

Watch him relive his experience of "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life." (geddit?)

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