Predictions on superhero flicks that will sink and swim.
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13 Jan 2017 - 4:22 PM  UPDATED 13 Jan 2017 - 4:22 PM

Welcome to our first time together in 2017 Victims!!

We made it. We lost some amazing people along the way, but we made it. 2017 is here and I can guarantee we all have our fingers crossed for a good one.

Back in 2016, someone was quoted as saying, “superhero movies are dead in 2017," which is surprising as it was a HUGE year for the Marvel franchise. DC, on the other hand, struggled a little and this is where the question about there survival stemmed from.

Are superhero movies really in trouble? Or will 2017 be the year of success (once again) for Marvel, with DC either sinking or swimming?

Let's look at what's coming out: 

 - Logan

 - Guardians of the Galaxy 2

 - Spider-Man: Homecoming

 - Thor: Ragnarok

 - Wonder Woman

 - Justice League

Special mentions:

 - Ironfist (TV Show)

 - Punisher (TV Show)

 - The Defenders (TV Show)

 - Many DC TV Shows

 - News on The Batman, Gotham City Sirens, Deadpool 2 and Infinity Wars. 

Just in case you wanted to hear a little more about this line-up, go back and check out the #WTFPod episodes where we tirelessly argue our way through the list of success and fail predictions!

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but the big question for 2017 is, will DC have a good one? Will Justice League be the saving grace that DC deserves, or will we be left wanting more, feeling the same way we did at the end of Suicide Squad?

My 2017 predictions

The fate of the superhero universe...

Marvel and DC will be back at it again this year with some awesome looking superhero mayhem. But how successful will they be? Will we see DC crash and burn into a colourful and unassuming mess, or not?

Movies/shows bound for success:

4. Wonder Woman

The Trailer looks epic! My fingers are crossed for this movie, and I have a feeling it will deliver. Wonder Woman has WAY too much of a following behind her - worldwide - for minor details and plot points to be ignored. This could definitely be one of those films that DC gets right.

3. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

If Guardians of the Galaxy 1 is anything to go by, then Vol. 2 will be nothing short of a masterpiece. Following the same style as the first movies, our favourite space explorers will be coming back with a bang, some laughs and another killer soundtrack.

Let’s hope the bar wasn’t set too high in the first film for this one too succeed.

2. The Defenders

This TV show will surely bring us a group of heroes to join the greater Marvel universe later, for the Infinity Wars. Daredevil was a highly successful Marvel TV show on Netflix which was soon followed by Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. If Iron Fist can reach for the proverbial brass ring, then we are on our way to a team with a bad attitude and some awesome skills. I'm hoping these guys make it all the way to the top so we can see them standing side-by-side with the Avengers in future stories.

1. Spider-Man: Homecoming

Will Hollywood finally get it right??

Will we finally get a Spider-Man movie that goes on to become THE Spider-Man that we know and love.

Spidey movies of the past have struggled to make it past a second and third showing in cinemas but it feels like we finally might have found our boy in blue-and-red. With MAJOR plans in Spidey’s future the possibilities are INFINITE!

Special shout out to THOR: Ragnarok!!

It's going to be an epic event. With both Hulk and Dr Strange rumoured to be making appearances in the film, we can expect a movie full of awesome effects, explosive moments and a good storyline.

It’s being directed by Taika Waititi, and that alone is Badass.

Movies/shows that will struggle:

3. Deadpool 2

I say this out of fear, and not because I feel like there is any solid concrete evidence of future failure.

Small hiccups are already being noticed in Deadpool 2’s script and pre-filming progress. It leaves the door open for potential hype ruining symptoms.

This, in connection with the fact that Deadpool 1 was amazing, makes me a little concerned for what’s to come in the Deadpool world. My fingers are crossed for some awesome X-Men character cameos and a typically, legendary personality from Ryan Reynolds to save this one.

2. Plans for The Batman

Again, pre-filming and development issues rear their ugly heads in the world of a beloved on-screen character.

Batman is the staple of any pop culture diet and it’s crucial that this next film takes the world by storm. Batfleck (Ben Affleck) is the perfect choice for our caped crusader. The Batsuit looks amazing and the DC Universe that falls in Gotham is full of great villains. All we need is a sweet story, a badass bad guy and some dark and intense Batman moments #MichaelKeatonStandingAndStaringIntoTheBatSignal - That right there is the formula for success.

1. Justice League

*Breathes deep*

Ok. I don’t think this movie will be a failure. Entirely.

I have such high hopes for Justice League and I reeeeeeaaaally badly want it to be awesome.

Things i think they will do wrong with this movie:

 - Flash will be the comedic relief. But he won’t actually be funny.

 - Batfleck will also provide slight moments of comedic relief. He shouldn’t be funny though.

 - Cyborg will be awesome, but they won’t utilise him the way they should.

 - The plot will have more holes than a slice of Swiss cheese.

 - They will try hard to be something other than what this movie should be i.e - dark, deep in story, full of action and building to something big.

 - Where is Green Lantern??

Things they will do right:

 - Wonder Woman will have a good showing in this film, and her story will only further develop after this movie is done.

 - Give us some awesome Trailers and some memorable moments which will go down with DC’s legacy.

 - They have made us love Aquaman. And this in itself is something.

Overall, I really want Justice League to be amazing. But I fear it will come down with Suicide Squad syndrome.

One thing is for sure though, Aquaman will go on to be the hero of 2017. 

  - Dan

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