The girls dropped a mysterious one-word post on their Instagram recently...
16 Jan 2017 - 9:39 AM  UPDATED 16 Jan 2017 - 9:39 AM

From their awesome on-stage charisma to their badass singles, rookie girl group Black Pink have won themselves quite a legion of fans (us included) ever since their debut last August. If a new Instagram post is to be believed though, it appears that we may now have a fan club name to go by!

The girls posted up a new image of the word "Blink" on their official Instagram just recently, causing speculation among fans and netizens that this is Black Pink's official fandom name. Given that ""Blink" is a portmanteau of "Black" and "Pink" it does make sense that this would be the group's fan club name.

Having said that, there has been no official confirmation of whether "Blink" is indeed Black Pink's fandom name at the time of writing, so stay tuned for more updates and announcements. 

Do you think Black Pink's official fan club name will be "Blink"? If it is, are you a "Blink" stan yet?

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