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It's not easy to get into the Studio Ghibli Museum, but it is totally worth it.
17 Jan 2017 - 1:57 PM  UPDATED 24 Jan 2017 - 12:24 PM

Japan is a country that's filled with fascinating things to see, delicious food to eat, and a rich culture to experience. Among the many things tourists can do in Japan, one particular place everyone must visit is the famous Studio Ghibli Museum. Eat Your Kimchi duo, Simon and Martina, recently managed to finally visit the mythical museum, and they found out that while it's quite difficult just getting in, it was totally worth it.

To visit the Studio Ghibli Museum, you have to plan well in advance as tickets are always in high demand and sell out - sometimes - months in advance. Not only do visitors have to pre-order their tickets early, the popularity of the museum has meant that ID checks are compulsory for ticket holders. 

Upon making it passed the entrance, visitors will immediately be transported to a surreal world, no doubt due to the fantastical design of the building. Unfortunately, the museum has a strict no camera policy which means no video footage will ever come out of the museum, but as Simon and Martina found out, the museum is filled with enough Studio Ghibli magic to leave a life-long impression on all visitors.

From special prop exhibits, to in-depth showcases of production sketches, it's hard not to be impressed by the amount of detail that goes into the making of each Studio Ghibli film. For those younger fans, there's a life-size replica of the famous Cat Bus from "My Neighbour Totoro" open for all to sit in, as well as a mini-maze exhibit. 

But perhaps the biggest highlight - which the Eat Your Kimchi duo missed after getting sidetracked by the museum's cafe - are the exclusive short animated films that are only shown at the Studio Ghibli Museum. Nine special Ghibli short films are shown on rotation at the museum, but as part of the experience, no one knows what is shown each day.

And finally, visitors need to visit the Ghibli museum gift store prior to leaving as not only does the shop carry hard-to-find copies of the studio's films, there is also an assortment of trinkets and gifts that will bring a smile to any Studio Ghibli fan.

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