The stats are in! Which were the most-watched?
20 Jan 2017 - 3:38 PM  UPDATED 20 Jan 2017 - 3:39 PM

According to YouTube, BIGBANG had the most-watched K-Pop videos around the world, in December 2016.

The boy band took out first and second place with their comeback tracks, "FXXT It" and "Last Dance". Rounding off a successful year for the YG group.

Here's the full list of the top 10 most viewed K-Pop videos from around the world: 

  1. BIGBANG - 'Fxxk It'
  2. BIGBANG - 'Last Dance'
  3. Chanyeol & Punch - 'Stay With Me'
  4. EXO - 'For Life' 
  5. Crush - 'Beautiful'
  6. Seventeen - 'BoomBoom'
  7. Heize - 'Star'
  8. Hyoyeon - 'Mystery'
  9. 10cm - 'My Eyes'
  10. K.A.R.D - 'Oh NaNa' 

Korean drama 'Goblin' also made a splash with three OST songs, 'Stay With Me' (Chanyeol feat. Punch), 'Beautiful' (Crush) and 'My Eyes' (10cm) ranking third, fifth and ninth on the charts. It's no wonder the drama's been a hit!  

Confession time: Half the reason I can't stop watching this addictive drama is because of its OST. It really does carry you through the emotional journey of the characters. I bawled my eyes out at the most recent episode, I can't believe there's only three eps left.

Ok, back to the charts. EXO also proved their popularity with soothing ballad 'For Life' coming in fourth place. (December is their unofficial designated ballad month). Mega-group Seventeen also made a 'BoomBoom' into sixth place with their explosive dance track.

Heize and Hyoyeon brought girl power to the list with their solos coming in seventh & eighth place, while co-ed rookie group K.A.R.D rounded out the list with their debut MV for 'Oh NaNa'

Source: Billboard

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