So who did Kevin, Jimin, and Jae enjoy chatting to the most on After School Club?
24 Jan 2017 - 12:08 PM  UPDATED 24 Jan 2017 - 12:10 PM

Our very own Andy Trieu was recently in Korea, and between interviewing VIXX and getting into various shenanigans, PopAsia's resident ninja managed to sneak into the After School Club (ASC) set for a chat with the show's hosts KevinJimin, and Jae!

Various topics were discussed, but Andy decided to throw in an interesting curveball for the trio - who were their favourite guests on the show?

Jae immediately got the honesty gloves out and confessed that the easiest guests to chat to are those whom they are already friends with, particularly those who can speak English. Kevin then revealed his favourite guests to be AileeBTOB's Peniel, and f(x)'s Amber as it is essentially like a chill hangout as opposed to an interview.

As for their favourite groups on the show, Jae shamelessly confessed that having his group Day6 on was the best as it was incredibly relaxing. Kevin was most surprised by I.O.I as some members spoke fluent English, as well as the fact that he loves girl groups (according to Jimin). And finally, Jimin revealed that she really enjoyed having GOT7 on the show, not because they're her fellow JYP label mates but because they were ridiculously loud and fun the whole time!

Check out our interview with the After School Club hosts right here; the part about their favourite guests and interviews starts at the 1:22 mark.

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