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The discussion was inspired by a segment from Ghanaian TV star Sam Okyere.
31 Jan 2017 - 1:15 PM  UPDATED 31 Jan 2017 - 1:44 PM

Ghanaian TV star Sam Okyere recently put the issue of racism in South Korea in the spotlight when he shared a number of anecdotes about discrimination on his show "Non-Summit," including one story where he was told to "go back to [his] country" by an older Korean woman while on a train. What hurt him most though was the fact no one stepped in to defend him.

Okyere's stories caught quite a bit of traction among various social media channels including the attention of Eat Your Kimchi duo Simon and Martina. So they delved into the discussion of racism in Korea this week on their podcast, given that they've also lived in the country for a long period of time.

While Simon and Martina express that Koreans are nothing like the overzealous Korean netizens on the Internet, there are still elements of foreigner discomfort in everyday life, such as getting laughed at during everyday activities like eating at a restaurant.

This story from Sam Okyere prompted Simon and Martina to look into aspects of Korean culture that are not conducive to a welcoming environment for those of a different background. Due to Korea's culture of being respectful to all elders, even when said elders are being disrespectful and/or racist, Simon and Martina opine that this culture needs to change before greater racial tolerance can happen and they hope that Sam Okyere's story will be a starting point for a wider discussion.

Hit the audio tab above ^ to listen to Simon & Martina's thoughts on racism in Japan and Korea at the 10:30 mark.

Or listen right here at the 10:30 mark:

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