Jin is the handsome one, Rap Monster is the slow one, and Suga is the transfer girl student!
1 Feb 2017 - 10:55 AM  UPDATED 1 Feb 2017 - 10:55 AM

Get ready for some juvenile school boy shenanigans because BTS have just dropped a hilarious school skit video!

The latest episode of the boys' V Live series "Run BTS!", this new video features the group being challenged to write and act out their own classroom-based sketch bit, with the only catch being that each member's role is picked randomly.

Needless to say, this lottery draw of roles led to some funny results from the onset as Jungkook picked the "cold but kind-hearted tsundere" role, Rap Monster picked the "nice but slow-witted" role, became the quiet bookworm, Jin (fittingly) picked the "idol of the school" role, Jimin became the "classroom leader with a killer smile", J-Hope was to be the "emo kid who is into literature", and - most hilariously - Suga was to be the female transfer student.

Between Suga committing 110% to his role - costume and all - to the rest of the boys trying to "win the heart of the new female transfer student", this video is 26 minutes of non-stop laughter. 

Words alone can't describe just how funny this BTS classroom sketch is so we'll let you watch it all here in its complete glory - complete with English subs!

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