Rookie girl group DREAMCATCHER shows their promise as they earn praise from netizens and rack up fans just weeks after their debut with “Chase Me”.
3 Feb 2017 - 1:11 PM  UPDATED 3 Feb 2017 - 1:11 PM

It’s only the beginning of February, but 2017 has already produced one incredibly promising new act in DREAMCATCHER. With their Japanese kaidan concept and J-rock, anime-inspired single “Chase Me”, the girls immediately stood out from the sea of cutesy girl groups - and it looks like fans are taking notice.

DREAMCATCHER are already earning praise from netizens on Korean forum Pann, which is usually an indicator that an artist is becoming popular - or at least known - among idol fans. Comments on one Pann thread said, “Yup, their song is very good, they'll surely blow up!” and, “I discovered them by hearing their song on a music broadcast, it was so good.

A thread on Instiz (another popular forum) compared DREAMCATCHER’s maknae Gahyeon to trending visual idols like Irene, Seolhyun, Seulgi, and Tzuyu. Netizen comments included, “Wow, daebak” and, “Oh why does she remind me of Tzuyu?”.

Outside of idol forums, the group has appeared on real-time online search rankings a few of times since their debut. They ranked third on Naver (one spot ahead of BIGBANG) the day after their album release, and then re-appeared at No. 7 earlier this week, indicating a continued interest in the girls.

On YouTube, the “Chase Me” music video has amassed over 1.3 million views. It’s a much higher number than other recent debuts, like MOMOLAND’s "JJan! Koong! Kwang!" (843,000), BONUSbaby’s “Urikiri” (157,000), and the revamped BP Rania’s “Start a Fire” (331,000).

DREAMCATCHER’s official fancafe is also off to a solid start with 1,361 members - decent numbers for a group that only debuted two weeks ago.

While it’s unrealistic to expect huge results right out the gate for a group from a smaller agency like Happy Face Entertainment, it’s clear that DREAMCATCHER’s future is already looking much brighter than many of their contemporaries’. Right now they can be compared to G-Friend, who initially stood out by bucking the once trending sexy concept for an innocent image and then earned fans through their addictive songs and impressive on-stage choreography.   

If DREAMCATCHER continue to showcase their talent and stick to their unique image, then they could easily become the next small agency success story.

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