Morse code, hexidecimals, and hashtags - what does it all mean, B.A.P?!?
7 Feb 2017 - 11:52 AM  UPDATED 7 Feb 2017 - 11:53 AM

Get ready for a headscratcher and a whole heap of theories because B.A.P have released a mysterious new teaser image!

Released on the group's official Facebook page, this new teaser image contains nothing more than lines of morse code, hexidecimals, and a March 7 date. Needless to say, this photo has got fans all in a frenzy over its meaning and a number of interesting theories have started coming up.

Many fans have noted that the "#FF0000" hashtag is in fact the hexadecimal colour value for red, which is also the colour of B.A.P leader Yongguk's "matoki" character Shishimato. Given that Yonggak sat out on the group's recent comeback due to health issues, fans are theorising that this teaser image is hinting at the return of B.A.P's leader.

Other fans have also noted that the morse code feature in the image stands for "From Noir", which is notable given that B.A.P's latest album was titled "Noir". Some fans think that this is perhaps a teaser for an upcoming new album or re-package, though it remains to be seen what this image actually represents.

Untile March 7 comes along, what do you think this B.A.P teaser image means?

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