It's one of their greatest comebacks to date!
7 Feb 2017 - 12:56 PM  UPDATED 7 Feb 2017 - 12:56 PM

A number of headline grabbing controversies early on in Block B’s career made me acutely aware of the boy band, but I didn’t really become a proper fan until 2014’s “H.E.R.” 

The rockabilly rap fusion is an eclectic K-pop masterpiece and deservedly turned the boys into A-list stars. With the exception of INFINITE’s “The Chaser”, I struggle to think of a modern boy band hit that’s better.

Since then, Block B’s group activities at home have been limited. There’s been extended Japanese promotions, a hip hop sub-unit called BASTARZ, and of course, Zico’s blockbuster solo career. Block B did have one comeback last year with the muted double title tracks “Toy” and “A Few Years Later” - both were great, but I’ve been thirsty for something more in line with “H.E.R.” for what feels like forever now.

Block B’s new single, “Yesterday”, is it.

The kaleidoscopic track, co-produced by Megatone and co-written by Park Kyung himself, sees the band busting genres again as they mix amateur garage rock with rap and '60s pop. They manage to pull off the impossible feat of making “Yesterday” sound organic and beautifully unpolished, even though every single harmony, riff, and “lalilala” has been painstakingly thought out and assembled for maximum catchiness.

After hearing “H.E.R.” and “Yesterday”, I don’t think Block B should ever do another single without guitars ever again. Like INFINITE with their ‘80s synth-pop or B2ST with their moody ballads, Block B has found their sound and this is it. And judging by Melon, where “Yesterday” is currently ranking No. 1 by a large margin, the charts agree.

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