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We get it guys, we totally get it.
9 Feb 2017 - 12:55 PM  UPDATED 9 Feb 2017 - 1:53 PM

Another week and that means only one thing - Prince Mak is back on SBS PopAsia radio with "The Prince Mak Hour."

In the latest episode of his radio show, Prince Mak finally fulfills a promise he made a long time ago by inviting Australian YouTube star Wengie onto his show!

After breaking the ice over their love/hate relationship regarding editing videos for YouTube (Wengie loves it, Prince Mak not so much), the duo get talking about an exciting project - Wengie is in China and preparing to release an album very soon!

The YouTube star is currently preparing for her music debut in China, which means learning to speak Chinese and getting the singing thing down. The release of her new album has been a long time coming as it turns out that Wengie originally had the opportunity to become a K-pop star in the past, only for Prince Mak to convince her to do the YouTube thing, which ultimately proved to be quite a good decision!

Following the reveal of Wengie's big plans, the duo then move onto answering some fan questions, such as their opinion's of each other's careers so far (and revealing that they bonded over League of Legends), and revealing a funny story about Prince Mak (which involved losing a bet and the unpleasantness after eating a lot of wasabi).

Hit the audio tab above ^ to listen to Prince Mak's chat with YouTube star Wengie at the 29:08 mark 

Or listen right here at the 29:08 mark:


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